PTA Center Stuttgart: Private Practice Clinic for Rehabilitation

PTA Center Stuttgart
Private Practice Clinic for Physiotherapy and Sports Medical Care
Specialists in Orthopaedic and Sports Medical Rehabilitation
Stuttgart, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Manual and fascia therapy
  • Medical training therapy
  • Alternative therapy services
  • Care for athletes

Medical Range

  • Manual therapy: used to treat functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system Improvement is achieved by a detailed examination and a wide range of treatment techniques
  • Training therapy: performance recovery, focus on stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination
  • Medical massage: treatment of tension, hardening, diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Heat therapy: regeneration of pain zones and discomfort and promotion of muscle relaxation, pain relief and blood circulation promotion
  • Alternative therapy services: holistic examinations of the body in conjunction with manual techniques (e.g. Physiokey, dry needling)
  • Extensive medical preventative and aftercare in the fields of general medicine and orthopaedics
  • Routine examination and personal medical consultation
  • Detailed medical history
  • Medical Full Service (travel planning, accommodation, examination, treatment, entertainment)

About PTA Center Stuttgart

The PTA Center in Stuttgart is a private practice for physiotherapy, sports medicine, and rehabilitation. The internationally trained therapists and doctors perform all medical and therapeutic services at the highest standards. Priority is always to accomplish the best personal treatment for the patient.

Patients staying at the PTA Center for several days, weeks, or months, experience a great stay with the PTA Medical Full Service, including comprehensive services and excellent medical care.

PTA Center Stuttgart Offers First-Class Treatment in an Elegant Ambience

The private practice for physiotherapy, sports medicine, and rehabilitation offers of excellent service in a 550 m² elegant ambience. The fully air-conditioned treatment rooms are comfortably equipped and allow relaxation and recovery. 

The experienced team of the PTA Center Stuttgart pursues a holistic treatment concept. After a detailed medical history is taken by doctors and therapists, an individual therapy plan is then developed.

The therapeutic measures are custom-composed of physiotherapy, manual therapy, training therapy, heat therapy, massage therapy, and comprehensive medical care. Psychosomatic approaches and alternative medicine services such as dry needling can also be incorporated into the therapy.

The professional treatments are reflected in the rapid progress in development of the movement capability and well-being of the patients.

Excellent Physiotherapy is One of the Most Important Core Competencies

The PTA Center Stuttgart places great importance to an excellent physiotherapeutic treatment. Regular patients who have been visiting us for years appreciate and praise the experienced and committed physiotherapists, as do new visitors. 

Often, surgery can be avoided through regular treatments. After accidents, injuries, or operations for orthopaedic complaints or illnesses, and, of course for prevention, professional physiotherapy is again an important part of the recovery process.

Private Clinic for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation with Exclusive Services

Patients staying at the PTA Center for several days, weeks, or months experience a great stay with the PTA Medical Full Service, including comprehensive services and excellent medical care.

For longer stays, symptoms and disease patterns of the visitors are intensively discussed. After a patient’s arrival which is organised by the Center, physiotherapists and physicians devote themselves to a careful, individual examination of the disease patterns and discuss the best possible measures for optimal recovery by taking an interdisciplinary and patient-oriented approach.

The patient is not only medically cared for; accommodation in selected hotels near the PTA Center is also guaranteed by a personal contact person. Furthermore, there is the possibility to arrange individual leisure programmes on request in the multi-faceted city of Stuttgart.

International Patients at the PTA Center

Upon request, the PTA Center will take over the entire planning of the arrival and stay, including chauffeur service, hotel booking, and leisure activities. The assistant team will take care of booking the flight and transfer by limousine service from the airport to the hotel. 

Meanwhile, the PTA Center is well-known far beyond the borders of Germany and was able to take care of its first patients from Ghana after the successful PTA Rehab & Healthcare Summit in Accra (March 2018), where the holistic concept of the Center meets with very positive feedback.

Click here for the website of the PTA Center Stuttgart.

Medical Team

  • Kai-Uwe Aescht
    CEO and Founder
    Physiotherapist and Sports Physiotherapist
  • Daniela Riedel
    Sports Physiotherapist and Alternative Practitioner
  • Katja Pidel
    Sports Physiotherapist
  • Stijepan Sucic
    Sports Physiotherapist
  • Dr Irina Langefeld


  • Fazer: The therapeutic treatment instruments, the Fazer are made of high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel. They are designed and forged for special treatment techniques and body regions. Areas of application include general soft tissue treatments, acute or chronic pain therapies, fascia treatment (e.g. fibrosis), as well as restricted mobility.
  • Physiokey: A therapy that focusses on acute pain. Using the Physiokey, a handy device, skin resistance is measured within a very short time and individualised impulses are transmitted to the body. This constant regulatory process affects the autonomic nervous system and stimulates the self-healing process.
  • DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulation): Perfectly customised vibrations are partially applied to hardened muscle regions. Before applying manual therapy, this technique enables the muscles to soften and to cause the subsequent therapy to be more efficient.
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen): This functional movement test or targeted training therapy enables therapists to discover muscular imbalances and to strengthen those.
  • Cupping: A cupping treatment stimulates the body to heavily bleed through selected body regions, resulting in the loosening of deep muscle adhesions.
  • Dry Needling: A special technique for treating myofascial trigger points using sterile acupuncture needles. Chronic hardening of the musculature and fascia can be regulated by this treatment.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Muscle hardening causing radiating pain is resolved by so-called trigger points or pressure-sensitive points.
  • Naturmoorfango: Through the targeted use of heat packs, which are filled with natural mud and heated, persistent tension can be released and a general feeling of well-being spreads.
PTA Center Stuttgart - Treatment Room
PTA Center Stuttgart

Orthopaedic and Sports Medical Rehabilitation
Kriegerstrasse 3, D-70191 Stuttgart


Stuttgart Central Train Station 0,5 km
Stuttgart Airport 18 km

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PTA Center Stuttgart
Private Practice Clinic for Physiotherapy and Sports Medical Care

Kriegerstrasse 3, D-70191 Stuttgart

T: +49 711 912 891 36


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