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Prof. Dr Frank A. Wenger -  Specialist in Bariatric Surgery - Portrait

Prof. Dr Frank A. Wenger

Head Physician

Specialist in Bariatric Surgery

+49 7941 645 3817

Bariatric Surgery Öhringen (Baden-Württemberg): Prof. Dr Frank A. Wenger

Treatment focus

  • Morbid obesity
  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Exercise therapy


Hohenlohe Hospital
Obesity Center
Kastellstraße 5, D-74613 Öhringen

P: +49 7941 645 3817 F: +49 7941 692 366

Consultation Hours:

Mo.: 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Thu: 08:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Prof. Dr Frank A. Wenger - Patient interviewProf. Dr Frank A. Wenger - Patient interviewProf. Dr Frank A. Wenger - ConsultationProf. Dr Frank A. Wenger - ConsultationProf. Dr Frank A. Wenger - OperationProf. Dr Frank A. Wenger - Operation

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Preoperative gastroscopy (gastroscopy before surgery)
  • CT abdomen
  • X-ray
  • Sonography
  • Laboratory tests of peripheral venous blood


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection (gastric sleeve surgery)
  • Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
  • Interdisciplinary intensive care unit
  • Nutritional counseling before and after minimally invasive gastric surgery
  • Exercise therapy
  • Medical supervision for 2 years in the obesity consultation hours
  • Organizing plastic surgeries after 2 years

More Information


Prof. Dr Frank A. Wenger is a specialist in bariatric surgery and, being a specialist in general surgery, visceral surgery, trauma, and reconstructive surgery, he is the head physician of the surgery department and the bariatric center at Hohenloher Hospital.

The holistic concept for treating morbid obesity at the Hohenloher Hospital includes, in addition to surgery, nutritional counseling, exercise therapy, and a self-help group, thus helping patients master the path to their desired weight before and after surgery.

Experienced Specialist in Obesity Treatments at the Hohenloher Hospital in Öhringen

The team of the obesity clinic at the Hohenloher Hospital brings a lot of experience and tact in the care and treatment of obesity-affected patients. Once the first step has been taken and an appointment for consultation has been made, those affected find a protected and non-judgmental setting. The specialists around Prof. Dr Wenger create a relaxed atmosphere and space for questions, fears, and concerns.

Many years of obesity confront patients with many difficulties. Stigmatization and social exclusion, professional disadvantages, and, above all, health risks lead to a negative cycle that makes it difficult to break out of obesity.

At Hohenloher Hospital, the team uses a holistic concept to treat sick patients. The multimodal treatment includes therapy pillars of surgery, nutritional therapy, psychological care, and exercise therapy.

This multi-layered approach plays a significant role in breaking patterns ingrained over many years and achieving lasting lifestyle changes and weight loss. Patients are accompanied intensively in this process so that significant progress can be made.

Severe Overweight as a Health Risk: Individual Approaches and a Holistic Concept for Sustainable Weight Loss

The health consequences of severe overweight include many diseases that can significantly limit the quality of life and life expectancy. Diabetes, joint diseases, and a possibly unfulfilled desire to have children are among them, and there is also a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. But also, psychological problems occur frequently and should not be misjudged.

A strong willingness to change is necessary for the patient to achieve the therapy goals. The team supports this with sophisticated and proven therapy methods regarding nutrition and exercise therapy and a self-help group that creates the necessary exchange between those affected. In this way, patients do not feel isolated on their often protracted and occasionally frustrating journey.

The coverage of the therapy by the health insurance companies is subject to strict guidelines, about which the employees at the Hohenloher Hospital provide detailed information. Metabolic diseases such as thyroid dysfunction must be ruled out beforehand.

An eating disorder is also not allowed. In addition, participation in the exercise program is mandatory, and the BMI must be above 40 before the start of therapy to receive the health insurance benefit.

Weight reduction should be sustainable, which is why intensive nutrition and exercise therapy is carried out in addition to the surgery. In this way, patients should maintain their lifestyle changes in the future. The dietary changes are made before the surgery to be prepared for the necessary changes.

Specialist for Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Weight Loss through Stomach Reduction

The surgeons in the team led by Prof. Dr Wenger at Hohenloher Hospital are specialists in gastric sleeve surgery and carry it out frequently and routinely.

Gastroscopy in an outpatient setting excludes stomach health problems, such as inflammations and ulcers. If pathological changes can be detected, therapy is initially carried out, followed by a checkup gastroscopy before the gastric sleeve surgery can be made. This serves to avoid wound healing problems.

During the surgery, a tubular stomach is constructed from the ball-shaped stomach. This is done by removing about 60 percent of the organ. Reduced appetite can be achieved this way, as less of the hunger hormone ghrelin is produced.

In addition, the smaller stomach area allows less food to be absorbed. However, the absorption of food components is not disturbed, and the food processing sequence remains the same.

The procedure is minimally invasive; using only the most minor incisions, Prof. Dr Wenger can insert the instruments with great skill and experience and carry out the procedure, which has few complications.

Over time, the stomach can expand again a bit after the surgery. By then, patients should have adjusted their lifestyles, learned to eat healthier, and included sufficient exercise in their daily routine.

Many Years of Experience in Gastric Bypass Surgery

Overall, the gastric bypass method is now used less frequently in bariatric surgery, and younger patients are eligible for it. The open surgical procedure carries slightly higher risks in comparison, as it is more complex and complicated and tends to lead to wound healing problems more often.

Here, a small portion of the stomach is separated, and a pocket is formed, which is connected to the small intestine. The remaining area of the stomach is closed, and the connection to the esophagus is separated. Whether this surgical method suits the patient is discussed in detail in advance.

State-of-the-Art Personalized Nutritional Counseling and Exercise Therapy

Nutrition and exercise therapy are individually adjusted to the patients. This customized treatment helps those affected integrate the new rules and patterns into their daily lives.

They are guided by the team and learn to pay attention to the possibilities and difficulties. They are encouraged to eat smaller portions, and it is also important to wean them off carbonated drinks, as these can lead to pain after the surgery.

Vegetables that cause flatulence should also not be consumed. In the initial phase, protein is usually supplemented with protein powder to meet the need. Generally, sufferers should eat the protein sources at the beginning of the food intake, followed by vegetables, and only then filling side dishes.

These rules and pitfalls are explained in detail during nutritional counseling. A food diary can be beneficial, and possible mistakes can be corrected.

About four weeks after the surgery, sports activities can be started, which are implemented step by step in the exercise program with the patient. The exercises and forms are individually adapted so that no one needs to be afraid of the challenges.

In a protected and relaxed atmosphere, patients can have positive sporting experiences, and stamina is encouraged. The extensive and long support, the targeted training and nutrition program, and the practical tips that are suitable for everyday life repeatedly lead to great successes on the way to the desired weight in the Hohenloher Hospital.

Please visit the website of the Obesity Center at Hohenloher Hospital for more information.



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  • Dr Lajos Toth
    Senior Physician
  • Mr. David Panek
    Specialist Physician

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Öhringen is in Baden-Württemberg and is about 25 km distance from Heilbronn. In the district of Hohenlohekreis, it counts as its only large district town. Öhringen is a popular residential, shopping, business, and educational location. You can visit many castles and palaces in the surroundings near Öhringen.

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Prof. Dr Frank A. Wenger

Head Physician

Hohenlohe Hospital

Obesity Center

Kastellstraße 5, D-74613 Öhringen

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