Univ-Prof Dr Frank M. Bengel
Specialist in Nuclear Medicine
Hanover, Germany

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Information about Univ-Prof Dr Frank M. Bengel

Treatment focus

  • Prostate carcinoma: Targeted diagnostics using PSMA-PET/CT, PSMA-based radionuclide therapy, and diagnosis and therapy of bone metastases
  • Neuro-endocrine tumours: Targeted diagnostics using DOTATATE-PET/CT and somatostatin receptor-based radionuclide therapy
  • Other solid tumours, lymphomas, and inflammatory diseases: Diagnostics and therapy monitoring (highly-sensitive whole-body PET-CT)
  • Coronary heart disease: Gentle non-invasive diagnosis of ischemia (semi-conductor SPECT)
  • Thyroid diseases: Multi-modal diagnostics, radio-iodine therapy, outpatient preventative care/aftercare
  • Neuro-degenerative diseases: Differential diagnosis, early recognition

Medical range

Range of Diagnostic services


  • PECT-CT with F-18 deoxyglucose (FDG) for diagnosis as well as monitoring of therapy for solid tumours and lymphomas
  • PET-CT with Ga-68 PSMA diagnosis for prostate cancer
  • PET-CT with Ga-68 DOTATATE for neuro-endocrine tumours
  • PET-CT with C-11 methionine or F-18 FET for brain tumours
  • Sentinel lymph node diagnostics for various malignant tumours (including precise localisation through SPECT-CT)
  • Special tumour scintigraphy (including SPECT-CT)


  • Gentle and rapid ischemia diagnostics with modern semiconductor SPECT
  • PET-CT vitality diagnostics
  • Diagnosis of inflammatory diseases (endocarditis, sarcoidosis, implant infection)
  • Absolute quantification of myocardial blood flow


  • Diagnosis of dementia using amyloid PET-CT and FDG PET-CT
  • Basal ganglia for Parkinson's syndromes
  • Special scintigraphy of the CNS/CSF space


  • Thyroid diagnostics
  • Radio-iodine whole-body diagnostics for malignant tumours of the thyroid
  • Parathyroid diagnostics (including SPECT-CT, PET-CT)

Additional organ diagnostics/whole body diagnostics:

  • Skeletal system, urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, lungs, lymphatic and haematological system
  • Inflammation diagnostics with autologous leukocytes, DG PET-CT or Ga-68 pentixafor PET-CT
  • Use of additional special scintigraphic techniques upon special request


Range of therapeutic services

  • Radio-iodine therapy to treat benign and malignant thyroid disease
  • “Theranostic” and special oncological therapies:
    - Peptide-receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) for neuro-endocrine tumours
    - PSMA therapy for prostate cancer
    - Selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT) for liver tumours


Dr Frank M. Bengel MD is a specialist for nuclear medicine with a special focus on molecular imaging and treatment. Since the beginning of 2011, he has been the director of the Department of Medicine at the Hanover Medical School.

The clinic follows a personalised concept: In close coordination with the referring/attending physician, the method most suited for the individual situation of the patient is selected from the range of modern techniques. The objective is a highly effective yet gentle examination and treatment strategy. The Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Hanover Medical School can look back on over 50 years of experience. The close cooperation with industry as well as practical research within the experienced medical team ensures medical care using the most current technical and scientific knowledge.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine uses radioactively labelled biomolecules (i.e. tracers) in order to gain insight into functional processes in the human body.  Highly sensitive camera systems such as SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) or PET (positron emission tomography) scanners are required in order to obtain an integrated X-ray CT tube on the exact spatial localisation of the molecular signal (i.e. SPECT-CT and PET-CT systems). In nuclear medicine, the objective of nuclear medicine is to identify disease processes early and accurately, thereby simplifying the correct therapeutic decision.

Labelling with long-lasting radioisotopes also enables the use of radio-pharmaceuticals for targeted molecular therapy. In the case of thyroid diseases, this has been a highly effective routine procedure for decades. In the meantime, radionuclide therapies can be used to successfully treat other tumours. Dr Bengel and his team at the Hanover Medical School perform targeted radionuclide therapies to treat advanced prostate cancer, neuro-endocrine tumours, and liver tumours The modern therapy ward features 10 beds.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine is a cross-sectional area in the centre of a wide network of experts at the Hanover Medical School. Diagnostic tests as well as treatments are performed in close interdisciplinary coordination. Expert panels provide consultation on individual cases and determine the most appropriate approach.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Hanover Medical School is divided into various functional areas: The Department for Radio-pharmaceutical Chemistry is equipped with extensive hot laboratories and a cyclotron, which enables it to synthesise the radio-pharmaceuticals necessary for diagnosis and treatment.  Conventional nuclear medical diagnostics are performed in the SPECT Centres, which is equipped with five gamma cameras, including two modern SPECT-CT cameras and a highly-modern semiconductor camera for cardiac imaging. The PET Centre is equipped with a 128-row PET-CT of the latest generation. This enables rapid whole-body imaging with a patient-friendly couch technology. In addition to the radionuclide therapy ward, there is also a special outpatient clinic for thyroid disease. Technological partnerships with industrial partners for which the Hanover Medical School serves as an international reference centre ensure that the area is always on the cutting edge of technology and that new technologies can be developed.

The website of Dr Bengel can be found here.

Curriculum vitae

  Degree in Human Medicine at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
1996 Doctorate
1995–2000 Residency training at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Technical University of Munich
2000–2005 Consultant at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Technical University of Munich
2002 Habilitation
2005–2010 Associate Professor of Radiology and Medicine and Director of Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, US
Since 2011 Director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Hanover Medical School

Medical team

  • Dr Thorsten Derlin MD
    Consultant; focus on oncology

  • Dr Georg Berding MD

    Consultant; focus on neurology

  • Dr Jörg Andreas Müller MD

    Consultant; focus on endocrinology/thyroid

  • Dr Thomas Brunkhorst MD

    Functional consultant; focus on special radionuclide therapies


  • Thanks to well calculated capacities, outpatient and inpatient appointments can be assigned without appreciable waiting time
  • Highly modern camera systems accelerate the imaging and reduce exposure to radiation
  • Brochures and additional information material illustrate the process of examinations and treatments
  • All waiting areas and therapy rooms are equipped with televisions and free Wi-Fi
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Frank Bengel  - Portrait Univ-Prof Dr Frank M. Bengel

Nuclear Medicine
Carl-Neuberg-Straße 1, D-30625 Hanover

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Hanover Airport 15km

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Univ-Prof Dr Frank M. Bengel

Hanover Medical School
Department of Nuclear Medicine
Carl-Neuberg-Straße 1, D-30625 Hanover

T: +49 511 532 2577
F: +49 511 532 3761
E: bengel@primomedico.com


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