Health Prevention & Anti-Aging Consultation Hamburg

Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger
Specialist in Prevention / Diagnostics
Hamburg, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Check-up, screening (prevention)
  • Hormone consultation
  • Anti-ageing consultation
  • Radiation-free whole-body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
  • Dietary advice with targeted food supplementation
  • Coaching (diet, exercise, mental health, stress management)

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Economy Check
    The Economy Check is a basic yet comprehensive medical examination and includes the following:
    - physical examination, consultation and written report
    - comprehensive laboratory testing including basic hormone level checks, hepatitis and HIV tests
    - body composition analysis
    - ultrasound-based bone density measurement
    - ultrasound of the thyroid gland, cervical arteries, heart and abdominal organs
    - standard and exercise ECG
    - lung function at rest and in response to physical exercise
    - dermatological check including video dermatoscopy
    - eye check including digital analysis of the retina
    - detailed discussion of results in the comfort of your personal room
  • Business Check
    The Business Check is designed for sophisticated cosmopolitan men and women, managers and high performers with higher expectations. It comprises all features of the Economy Check plus the following:
    - radiation-free whole body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), on request including virtual colonoscopy; includes significant points not covered by the Economy Check, e.g. examination of the head, the lungs, the colon and the entire arterial vessel system
    - BrainCheck Precision+ rule out beginning Alzheimer's disease (BrainCheck can be replaced by any high resolution regional MRI, e.g. of the breasts = MRI mammogram, specific joints or the spine)
    - 3D presentation of the results in the comfort your personal room
  • First Class Check
    The First Class Check is the most exclusive, detailed and extensive of our check up packages. In addition to the Business Check it includes:
    - most comprehensive laboratory testing including the complete hormonal status, tumor markers, immunology and rheumatology
    - comprehensive genetic testing
    - one additional regional high resolution MRIs, e.g. MRI mammogram, MRI of the vertebral column etc.
    - one additional specialty services (e.g. neurology, ETN, orthopedics, urology, gynecology)


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Solution-oriented psychological coaching
  • Premium weight management programme
  • Individual lifestyle coaching
  • Hamburg hormone consultation:
    - Full laboratory tests, comprehensive hormone status
    - Ultrasound and MRI of the endocrine (hormone-producing) organs
    - Advice and initiation of specific hormonal therapy
    - Further care if desired, e.g. in the event of hormone replacement therapy

About Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger

Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Bamberger is a specialist in prevention, screening and diagnostics. In his medical prevention centre located in Hamburg-Eppendorf he offers first-class individual medicine in an exclusive feel-good environment. With outstanding care and discretion, you will have a complete check-up of your body and its health status within five hours. Prof. Bamberger guarantees carefree ageing with youthful freshness as diseases are identified in good time and avoided, and mental and physical wellbeing is increased, thereby maintaining physical attractiveness.

The Medical Prevention Centre Hamburg (MPCH) is one of the leading preventive medicine facilities in Germany. Your personal care is provided by a team of internationally recognised specialists. In order to supplement this with various special investigations (for example, gynaecological or urological tests), there is close collaboration with specialists of the nearby Hamburg-Eppendorf Hospital.

After training as a specialist in internal medicine with a special interest in endocrinology (hormone metabolism), he was honoured in subsequent years with several awards for his outstanding scientific work. In 2003 he was appointed to the first chair of the endocrinology and metabolism of ageing in Germany. In 2006 he founded the Medical Prevention Centre Hamburg.

Prof. Bamberger supports the philosophy of the four stages of prevention for better health. These are optimised screening, lifestyle optimising, medications and hormones if necessary, and the applied philosophy of the second half of life.

Since early diagnosis is regarded as the best way of prevention, screening is the priority of Prof. Bamberger‘s prevention clinic. Prompt intervention can cure and prevent many diseases quickly and effectively. Prof. Bamberger offers a comprehensive range of medical screening (check-up) tests. A complete check-up includes a detailed discussion of the medical history, a physical examination, detailed testing of heart and lung function, precise laboratory tests (electrolyte balance, kidney and liver function, cholesterol, blood count, vitamins) and an MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) of the whole body without any harmful radiation. With the aid of this information, Prof. Bamberger’s team can identify your individual risk factors and detect potential diseases at an early stage.

A complete check-up takes 4.5-5 hours. If desired, additional special tests are possible, such as eye examinations, detailed neurological examinations etc. Between the individual tests you can withdraw to your own private room to recover. During this time, your personal room service will attend to your wishes. Following analysis, Prof. Bamberger and his team will explain the results of your check-up and further treatment options in a detailed final discussion in your room.

The treatments offered by the Medical Prevention Centre include lifestyle optimisation. With the aid of individual coaching regarding lifestyle, stress management, diet with targeted food supplements and exercise, which is geared to your test results and your daily life, your life should not only be prolonged but should be improved. For this purpose, Prof. Bamberger also offers a special anti-ageing consultation.

Since the body and its hormone levels change with age, energy levels, weight, sexual function and mood can also be affected. This hormonal imbalance of various causes can be identified by Prof. Bamberger’s highly trained team and can be corrected again with the aid of hormone replacement preparations and other medications. A special Hamburg hormone consultation was introduced specially for this in the Medical Prevention Centre.

Finally, Prof. Bamberger‘s applied philosophy for the second half of life consists of serenity and optimism for the natural ageing processes in the second half of life for it is a gift and a great opportunity. Here, too, you are supported by Prof. Bamberger and Medical Prevention Centre Hamburg, through individual coaching for mental health and stress management.

Find more information at Prof. Bamberger's website.

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2006 Director and managing director, Medical Prevention Center Hamburg (MPCH)
Since 2003 First incumbent of a C3 chair of endocrinology and metabolism of ageing in Germany, Internal Medicine Centre, Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital
1996 – 2003 Researcher, Medical Clinic I, Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital
1995 – 1999 Laboratory director, Institute for Hormone and Reproductive Research (IHF) at the University of Hamburg
1993 – 1994 Research visit to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, USA
1991 – 1992 Medical internship (internal medicine and endocrinology), 1st Medical Clinic, Christian Albrecht University Kiel



2003 Appointment as professor, University of Hamburg
2001 Postdoctoral authority to teach for the subject of internal medicine,
University of Hamburg
2001 Subspecialist designation in endocrinology
1999 Specialist in internal medicine
1993 American state examination (USMLE Step 1 und 2)
1991 State medical examination and MD dissertation
(subject: axon regeneration in the optic nerve of the adult albino rat,
doctoral supervisor: Prof. Sievers, Anatomy Institute, University of Kiel)

Medical Team

  • Dr. Sabine Guth
    Deputy director, internist, director of ultrasound diagnostics
  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard Windler
    Co-director, internist, focus on endocrinology
  • Dr. Carola Gocke
    Chief radiologist
  • Dr. Daniela Nordhusen
    Specialist in general medicine, additional designation in sports and nutritional medicine
  • Dr. Angelika Guthoff
    Internist, ultrasound specialist


  • Well-equipped private room with high-speed internet access and flat-screen television, private shower possible
  • Personal welcome and care by a member of the medical team
  • Relaxation during the tests in your own private room with room service
  • Fast appointments, very short waiting times


Hamburg train station 5 km
Hamburg-Altona train station 5 km
Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airport 6,5 km

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Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger

Medical Prevention Center Hamburg (MPCH)
Falkenried 88, D-20251 Hamburg

T: +49 40 637 962 96
F: +49 40 468 636 122


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