Health Prevention & Anti-Aging Consultation Hamburg

Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger
Specialist in Prevention / Diagnostics
Hamburg, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Check-up, screening, helth checks, prevention
  • Hormone consultation
  • Anti-ageing consultation
  • Radiation-free 3-Tesla whole-body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan using a state-of-the-art 3-Tesla MRI device
  • Dietary advice with targeted food supplementation
  • Coaching (diet, exercise, mental health, stress management)

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Economy Check
    The Economy Check is a basic yet comprehensive medical examination and includes the following:
    - physical examination, consultation and written report
    - comprehensive laboratory testing including basic hormone level checks, hepatitis and HIV tests
    - body composition analysis
    - ultrasound-based bone density measurement
    - ultrasound of the thyroid gland, cervical arteries, heart and abdominal organs
    - standard and exercise ECG
    - lung function at rest and in response to physical exercise
    - dermatological check including video dermatoscopy
    - eye check including digital analysis of the retina
    - detailed discussion of results in the comfort of your personal room
  • Business Check
    The Business Check is designed for sophisticated cosmopolitan men and women, managers and high performers with higher expectations. It comprises all features of the Economy Check plus the following:
    - radiation-free whole body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), on request including virtual colonoscopy; includes significant points not covered by the Economy Check, e.g. examination of the head, the lungs, the colon and the entire arterial vessel system
    - BrainCheck Precision+ rule out beginning Alzheimer's disease (BrainCheck can be replaced by any high resolution regional MRI, e.g. of the breasts = MRI mammogram, specific joints or the spine)
    - 3D presentation of the results in the comfort your personal room
  • First Class Check
    The First Class Check is the most exclusive, detailed and extensive of our check up packages. In addition to the Business Check it includes:
    - most comprehensive laboratory testing including the complete hormonal status, tumor markers, immunology and rheumatology
    - comprehensive genetic testing
    - one additional regional high resolution MRIs, e.g. MRI mammogram, MRI of the vertebral column etc.
    - one additional specialty services (e.g. neurology, ETN, orthopedics, urology, gynecology)


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Solution-oriented psychological coaching
  • Personalized nutritional supplements
  • Individual lifestyle coaching
  • Hamburg hormone consultation:
    - Full laboratory tests, comprehensive hormone status
    - Ultrasound and MRI of the endocrine (hormone-producing) organs
    - Advice and initiation of specific hormonal therapy
    - Further care if desired, e.g. in the event of hormone replacement therapy

About Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger

Prevention and early identification of potential risk factors are gaining increasing importance in medicine. This is why the Founder and Director of Conradia Medical Prevention, Hamburg (formerly Medical Prevention Center Hamburg, MPCH), Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger focuses entirely on proactive prevention, diagnostics and preventive health care. The preventive medicine and hormone specialist offers individual medical services at the highest level in the exclusive atmosphere of Conradia Medical Prevention facility in Hamburg, covering all aspects of modern precautionary health care. 

Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg – Leader in Preventive Medicine

Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg is one of the leading institutions for preventive medicine in Germany. You will be personally cared for by a team of internationally renowned medical specialists. In order to be able to offer the additional range of services consisting of various special examinations (for example, gynaecological or urological examinations), the facility cooperates closely with a specialist network which also includes the nearby University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Outstanding Accomplishments as a Hormone Specialist

After training to become a specialist in internal medicine with a focus on endocrinology (hormonal balance), Prof. Bamberger was honoured with several awards over the years that followed for his outstanding scientific work. In 2003, he became the holder of the first professorship in Germany for endocrinology and the metabolism of ageing. In 2006, he founded the Medical Prevention Center Hamburg (MPCH), which was recently renamed as Conradia Medical Prevention, Hamburg.

A Variety of Diagnostic Options for Preventive Health Care

At Conradia Medical Prevention, Hamburg, patients can choose between different check-up packages for examining all of the important organ systems. Early detection is the best prevention. A comprehensive check-up offers the best conditions for early detection of individual risk factors and indications of any possible illness. This allows quick action to be taken – be it to prevent a disease or to cure it swiftly. In addition to the check-up packages offered, you can also individually select and take advantage of various diagnostic and coaching services.

A Relaxed Atmosphere During Your Check-up

More than 12,000 complete check-ups have already been carried out at Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg – for patients from all over the world. When it comes to the technical equipment, again, the highest quality standards apply. Prof. Bamberger works exclusively with state-of-the-art, gentle examination procedures that are best tolerated by the patient and do not impair his or her well-being. In general, everything at the renowned Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg focuses on the well-being of patients and customers.

In order to make the short breaks between the examinations as pleasant as possible, a comfortably furnished room is made available for you during your check-up. In your personal relaxation room, you have the opportunity to watch TV, use the internet, relax or enjoy the excellent room service. This is also where the final consultation will be held after the examinations are complete, during which the check-up team, headed by Prof. Bamberger, will explain your results to you.

The Four Pillars of Preventive Health Care

The health checks and preventive medical check-ups that are offered don't only focus on physical health. Physical and mental health form a single unit and should not be considered as separate from one another. Prof. Bamberger's philosophy takes into account four steps of prevention for better health. In addition to optimal preventive care, these include optimising lifestyle, supportive medication, and a positive attitude towards the natural ageing process. If necessary, Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg also supports you with stress management and lifestyle coaching. This focuses on goal-oriented solutions and improving physical and mental performance.

Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg Offers the Following Check-up Packages:

Premium Image Check-Up

In addition to a medical history being captured and a physical examination, this check-up also includes comprehensive laboratory tests, which shed light not only on metabolic parameters, but also on one's hormonal status and on vital trace elements and vitamins. A body composition analysis and a bone density measurement are also included. Likewise, ultrasound examinations of the abdominal organs, the carotid artery, the heart and the thyroid gland are performed. The first part of the examination is concluded by a radiation-free whole-body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, which can also include a virtual colonoscopy (without an endoscope) on request. After a recovery break, the check-up continues with a stress ECG and a pulmonary function test (spirometry). This is followed by a skin check and an eye check.

Upon request, this check-up can be chosen without the MRI (Term: Premium Check-Up).

If you would like to have a whole-body MRI scan but do not want to take up the other services mentioned above, this is offered as the Bodyscan Check-Up.

A smaller, purely internal check-up can also be chosen, which is called the Standard Check-Up.

After the results have been established, a doctor from the prevention team will discuss your current health status with you. This final consultation will take place in your private lounge. You will be advised on how to adapt your lifestyle to the state of your health and about which medications or supplements are conducive to your health.

Customised Health Check-ups

In addition to these comprehensive check-ups, Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg also offers individual examinations to provide you with an even better overview of the state of your health, e.g. multiparametric prostate MRI, breast MRI (radiation-free breast cancer screening), an MRI-based diagnostic procedure to determine Alzheimer's risk, and preventive genetic diagnostics.

Furthermore, the hormone specialist Prof. Bamberger carries out special check-ups in the context of corporate health, which are tailor-made for executives and managers. In addition to comprehensive diagnostic examinations, topics such as stress management, work-life balance, solution-oriented coaching in crisis situations, nutrition and personalized nutritional supplementation play a role here.

Prostate MRI

The multiparametric prostate MRI is particularly suitable for clarifying elevated PSA levels, which occur frequently in old age and by themselves do not yet allow a precise diagnosis. A prostate MRI can spare 50% of patients with suspicious values from having a sample biopsy of prostate tissue removed. The examination, which uses 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging, is a very gentle procedure that does not put strain on the patient.

Hormone Specialist in Hamburg, Prof. Bamberger – Range of Therapeutic Services

Prof. Bamberger's range of therapeutic services also includes a hormone consultation and an anti-ageing consultation. Last but not least, the hormone specialist offers nutritional advice and coaching to optimise lifestyle as well.

Hormone Consultation Hours

As a hormone specialist, Prof. Bamberger knows that changes in hormone levels in old age also bring about profound changes to the body and mind. For example, hormonal imbalances are often associated with weight gain and diminished performance. However, impaired sexual function and mood swings are also usually part of a hormonal change. These effects are often perceived as a significant reduction in quality of life.

The hormone consultation is about analysing hormonal changes and bringing hormone levels back into balance in a targeted manner by means of appropriate measures, such as treatment with gentle hormone replacement drugs. The goal is to minimise the associated effects and to maintain quality of life and performance.

Anti-Ageing Consultation Hours

The body and the mind only work in synergy, and they influence one another. Therefore, not only one's physical health, but also one's mental health is of great importance. This includes one's inner mindset. Prof. Bamberger has developed anti-ageing strategies that take a positive view of the natural ageing process and the associated physical and emotional changes – because ageing in itself is not negative, but rather opens up many possibilities and new perspectives.

There are many aspects contributing to personal well-being such as nutrition, exercise and mental attitude. Prof. Bamberger's individual coaching is precisely tailored to your personal life situation and takes into account all these aspects – from nutritional counselling to possibly necessary food supplements with certain preparations.

The resulting optimisation of your lifestyle will keep you healthy and improve your quality of life in a targeted manner.

Tailor-Made Diagnostics and Therapy

Prof. Bamberger's focus is always on preventing illness using systematic preventive health care and measures. It is very important to the renowned expert to cater to the needs of each patient personally – because only then can he develop tailor-made strategies for maintaining the health of each individual. The hormone specialist is always empathetic and approachable. Prof. Bamberger takes a close look at every aspect of the comprehensive diagnostics and discusses the results with you in detail and in a comprehensible way.

Find more information at Prof. Bamberger's website.


Curriculum Vitae


Since 2006 Director and Managing Director, Medical Prevention Center Hamburg (MPCH), now Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg
Since 2003 First incumbent of a C3 chair of endocrinology and metabolism of ageing in Germany, Internal Medicine Center, Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital
1996 – 2003 Researcher, Medical Clinic I, Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital
1995 – 1999 Laboratory director, Institute for Hormone and Reproductive Research (IHF) at the University of Hamburg
1993 – 1994 Research visit to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, USA
1991 – 1992 Medical internship (internal medicine and endocrinology), 1st Medical Clinic, Christian Albrecht University Kiel



2003 Appointment as professor, University of Hamburg
2001 Postdoctoral authority to teach for the subject of internal medicine,
University of Hamburg
2001 Subspecialist designation in endocrinology
1999 Specialist in internal medicine
1993 American state examination (USMLE Step 1 und 2)
1991 State medical examination and MD dissertation
(subject: axon regeneration in the optic nerve of the adult albino rat,
doctoral supervisor: Prof. Sievers, Anatomy Institute, University of Kiel)

Medical Team

  • Dr. Sabine Guth
    Co-director, internist, director of ultrasound diagnostics
  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard Windler
    Co-director, internist, focus on endocrinology
  • Dr. Carola Gocke
    Chief radiologist
  • Dr. Daniela Nordhusen
    Specialist in general medicine, additional designation in sports and nutritional medicine
  • Dr. Angelika Guthoff
    Internist, ultrasound specialist


  • Well-equipped private room with high-speed internet access and flat-screen television, private shower possible
  • Personal welcome and care by a member of the medical team
  • Relaxation during the tests in your own private room with room service
  • Fast appointments, very short waiting times


Hamburg train station 5 km
Hamburg-Altona train station 5 km
Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airport 6,5 km

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Prof. Dr Christoph M. Bamberger

Conradia Medical Prevention Center Hamburg
(former Medical Prevention Center Hamburg, MPCH)
Falkenried 88, D-20251 Hamburg

F: +49 40 468 636 122


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