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ATOS MVZ Kantpraxis Berlin
Dr Marcus Thuma, Dr Elmar Gieseke, and Dr Jessica Johns
Specialists in Prevention, Screening & Diagnostics
Berlin, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Check-up examinations (health packages)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, including chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of rheumatic diseases
  • Blood checkup: vital substance analysis, early detection of metabolic diseases and cancer

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • ECG
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests
  • Ultrasound of the heart, thyroid, carotid arteries, and abdominal organs
  • Measurement of pulse wave velocity and heart rate variability
  • Endoscopic diagnostics of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Breath tests for lactose and fructose intolerance

About the ATOS MVZ Kantpraxis Berlin

The ATOS MVZ Kantpraxis Berlin and its team of experts led by Dr Marcus Thuma, Dr Elmar Gieseke, and Dr Jessica Johns offer comprehensive medical care in screening, prevention, and diagnostics.

The experienced specialists at Kantpraxis Berlin take care of their patients' concerns competently, individually, and personally in a pleasant atmosphere under the motto "prevention is the best medicine." A wide range of diagnostic options are available to prevent and treat various diseases.

Kantpraxis Berlin: Contact Point for Prevention and Medical Care in the Capital

The Kantpraxis in Berlin creates a pleasant and personal atmosphere for patients as the first point of contact for various illnesses, preventative measures, and comprehensive diagnostics.

The group practice combines various specialties within internal medicine that offer patients multifaceted and individual treatment. Teamwork and case discussions between the doctors make the Kantpraxis a future-oriented location where expertise and a trusting working environment go hand in hand.

The proficient team takes care of acute and chronic illnesses. A fixed contact person is assigned to the patients so sustainable treatment concepts can be explained and applied together.

Health Packages: Comprehensive Checkups and Preventive Care in Berlin

Regular checkups help detect illnesses at an early stage and act accordingly. The frequency and type of checkups vary depending on age, gender, and family disposition. The Kantpraxis in Berlin offers various health packages as a preventive service based on the patient's age, among others.

Individual and patient-oriented preventive services are offered, from the basic checkup adapted to people in their mid-thirties to the premium plus checkup as of fifty-five. The findings are presented and discussed in detail with the patient.

Regular checkups are also in demand in competitive sports. For example, the professionals of Hertha BSC and Alba Berlin trust the ATOS MVZ Kantpraxis Berlin.

In addition, the doctors point out possibilities and ways of leading a healthy lifestyle and motivate the patients to continue doing so. The team attaches great importance to patients' sustainable care and support so that long-term concepts can be implemented and consultation is possible anytime.

This way, the treating team can work with the patients to actively participate in and shape their health. After all, preventing illness is still the best medicine.

The Highest Level of Expertise in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Diseases

Experienced specialists in gastroenterology treat diseases of the entire digestive tract at the ATOS practice in Berlin. From acute pain, inflammation, and infections to chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, specialized doctors care for individual patients' needs with great expertise.

Endoscopic examinations, such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy, are carried out with many years of experience and skill. Patients can choose in advance whether they would like to be sedated so that they can sleep during the examination. The team creates a pleasant and respectful atmosphere at all times.

Colorectal Cancer is a Preventable Disease!

The early detection and prevention of bowel cancer is particularly important. It develops from benign precursors, so-called polyps, which can be removed endoscopically. Colorectal cancer is, therefore, the only cancer that can be prevented before it develops! For all men aged 50 and over and all women aged 55 and over, it is strongly recommended by all specialist associations, but it is also advisable even at an earlier age.

Early Detection and Early Treatment: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases make up a large part of society. Common diseases such as high blood pressure, vascular calcification, and heart failure are not uncommon and require specialist treatment and ongoing care.

The examiners at the ATOS practice in Berlin routinely use various procedures to make a diagnosis. These include functional examinations such as echocardiography, stress ECGs, and ultrasound of the heart and pulmonary function tests.

The competent examinations carried out by the experts enable well-founded and specific diagnoses. This is followed by the development of a treatment plan, which includes drug therapy, lifestyle changes, and regular checkups.

Rheumatism Specialists in Berlin: Holistic Care from Prevention to Therapy

Rheumatological diseases are complex clinical pictures that require multi-layered and individualized therapy. It is often a case of a misdirected and excessive immune response, so the body's structures are attacked. The musculoskeletal system and structures such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments are frequently affected, but internal organs can also be involved in systemic rheumatism.

Most rheumatic clinical pictures are accompanied by inflammation, but forms of hardening of the connective tissue and skin symptoms are also part of the rheumatic spectrum. Treatment, therefore, varies depending on the type of rheumatic disease and the personal circumstances of the person affected.

The rheumatism specialists at the Kant Practice attach great importance to a detailed and specific medical history and comprehensive diagnostics. A therapy procedure is then created and implemented as part of close and continuous care. The German Society awarded the ATOS Kantpraxis for Rheumatology the best acute consultation hours for treating rheumatic diseases.

New: Fast-Track Blood Checkup with Innovative Digital Diagnostics

An in-depth blood analysis provides answers to many health questions. With this new type of checkup, there are no waiting times in the practice. A medical consultation on the extent of the laboratory test takes place; a medical blood sample is taken, and the results are reported promptly and presented digitally in a clear and understandable format.

Individual recommendations for action are given. Patients can see at a glance what the state of their health is.

Please visit the ATOS MVZ Kantpraxis Berlin website for more information.


Medical Team

  • Dr Nina Black
    Preventive Medicine, Lung Diseases
  • Dr Elmar Gieseke
    Preventive Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Dr Jessica Johns
    Preventive Medicine, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr Frédéric Münch
    Preventive Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Dr Marcus Thuma
    Preventive Medicine, Rheumatology
  • Dr Nicola Winkelmann
    Preventive Medicine, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr Lena Woydack
    Preventive Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine


Berlin Main Station 5 km
Berlin Airport 32 km

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The German state capital of the federal state with the same name is located in the east of the Federal Republic of Germany. Berlin is the largest city in the country and the seat of government since 1999. The rivers Spree, Havel and smaller rivers and streams flow through the city. Furthermore, the cityscape is characterised by lakes, forests and parks, making Berlin one of the greenest capitals. The Berlin Mitte district is located in the centre of the 12 districts into which the city is divided.


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ATOS MVZ Kantpraxis Berlin
Dr Marcus Thuma, Dr Elmar Gieseke, and Dr Jessica Johns

Kurfürstendamm 42, D-10719 Berlin

T: +49 30 264 799 14


Mon., Tue., Thu.: 8.00 AM - 1.00 PM
and 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM
Wed., Fri.: 8.00 AM - 2.00 PM

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