PD Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD
Head of urology department
Specialist in Prostate cancer
Chur, Switzerland

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Information about PD Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD

Treatment focus

  • Radical prostatectomy (prostate removal) with the Da Vinci Xi surgical robot (minimally invasive)
  • Radiotherapy (in collaboration with radiation oncology)
  • Chemotherapy (in collaboration with oncology)
  • Hormone therapy
  • Tumour board

Medical range

Range of diagnostic services

  • Early recognition of urological malignancies (e.g. prostate cancer)
  • Prostate screening via digital rectal investigation, determination of PSA, and multi-parametric MRI of the prostate
  • Tumour board (interdisciplinary care of cancer patients) 


Range of therapeutic services

  • If indicated, minimally-invasive surgical intervention to remove prostate with the help of the Da Vinci Xi surgical robot
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Patient-orientated monitoring of disease progression and healing


PD Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD is a specialist for prostate cancer and head of urology department at the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden.

The Department of Urology at the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden provides treatment with modern equipment in a personal atmosphere.

The best possible care for tumour patients

Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD is a renowned specialist, particularly when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.  He has many years of experience in performing radical prostatectomies. Thanks to the Da Vinci Xi surgical robot, he can perform this intervention in a gentle and minimally invasive manner in Graubünden. In addition to surgical treatment, other treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy are performed on site. Dr Strebel places a high value on personal and patient-orientated treatment. In order to provide tumour patients with the best possible treatment, each case is discussed by the multi-disciplinary tumour board.

Prostate cancer – the third deadliest form of cancer in men!

Prostate cancer is the most frequent form of cancer in men. After colo-rectal and lung cancer, it is the second leading cause of death for men in Switzerland. Three out of every 100 men die from this disease. Therefore, prostate cancer should not be underestimated, particularly as the symptoms often go unnoticed in the early stages.

Graubünden – Urological Clinic at the highest technical level

The Urological Clinic at the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden features a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options in the context of neurological syndromes. Since 2009, Dr Strebel and his team have been working with the Da Vinci surgical robot. With the help of this mechanical support, surgical interventions – especially in the prostate area – can be performed on the smallest of areas and with the highest possible precision. Every year, Dr Strebel and his colleagues perform between 80 and 120 prostatectomies. Since 2015, the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden has featured the latest generation of surgical robots. Dr Strebel works at the forefront of science and technology and is therefore a member of our specialist team.

Dr Strebel’s website can be found here.

Curriculum vitae

1995 Completed studies in human medicine at the University of Zürich
1996 Awarded Doctor of Medicine at the University of Zürich
1996–2000 Further specialisation in surgery at the Bülach Hospital and Waid Zürich City Hospital
2002–2010 Further specialisation in urology at the University Hospital of Zürich, the Cantonal Hospital of Aarau, and the Department of Neuro-urology at the Paraplegic Centre of the Balgrist University Clinic.
2003 Urology specialist with a focus on surgical urology
Since 2005 Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU)
2003–2008 Senior Consultant at the Urological Clinic of the University Hospital of Zürich
2008–2013 Head of Urology, Co-Senior Consultation at the Department of Surgery at the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden, Chur
2013 Appointed as a private lecturer at the University of Zürich
since 2013 Senior Consultant for Urology at the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden, Chur

Medical team

  • Dr Khosrow Ahmadi MD
  • Dr Mario Rampa MD
  • Dr Jan Andreas Birzele MD
  • Dr Michaela Mack MD
    Senior Registrar


Our hospitality services:

  • During the day, room service takes care of your wellbeing, as well as that of your family
  • Varied menu
  • In-room meal and beverage service for your partner/family
  • Selection of regional and international newspapers
  • Radio/TV/Wi-Fi
  • Arranging appointments at the hairdresser or with podiatry
Specialist in Prostate cancer PD Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD - Portrait PD Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD

Prostate cancer
Loëstrasse 170, CH-7000 Chur

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PD Dr Räto Thomas Strebel MD
Head of urology department

Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden
Department of Surgery - Urology
Loëstrasse 170, CH-7000 Chur

T: +41 81 256 62 37
F: +41 81 256 66 65
E: strebel@primomedico.com


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