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Prim. PD Dr Kau – Portrait

Prim. PD Dr Thomas Kau

Specialist in Radiology, Interventional Radiology

+43 4242 394 40

Specialist for Minimal-invasive Carpal Tunnel Release Procedures in Villach, Austria: Prim. PD Dr Kau

Treatment focus

  • Ultrasound-guided procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome
    (outpatient carpal tunnel release without sutures under local anesthesia)


Private Practice Prim. PD Dr Thomas Kau
Nikolaigasse 43, A-9500 Villach

P: +43 4242 394 40

Consultation Hours:

Tuesday 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
By appointment only

Medical Range

Range of Therapeutic Services


  • Outpatient, minimal-invasive carpal tunnel release under local anesthesia for carpal tunnel syndrome
    (no sutures, no plexus anesthesia, no anesthesia)

More Information


Prim. PD Dr Thomas Kau is a specialist in interventional radiology and works as head physician at the Institute for Radiological Diagnostics and Intervention at Villach Regional Hospital and in his private practice.

PD Dr Kau specializes in the ultrasound-targeted releasing of the carpal tunnel for minimal-invasive treatment using ultrasound-assisted intervention and a neuroradiological secondary diagnosis.

Specialist in Carpal Tunnel Release (Procedure): Minimal-invasive Alternative to Open Surgical Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects a large number of patients and can lead to severe limitations over time. The carpal bones and a tight ligament, the flexor retinaculum form the carpal canal. The median nerve and flexor tendons of the hand run through it. In carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), this median nerve is constricted.

Recognizing common triggers and warning signals

The causes can be overuse and constant strain on the hand, but genetic predisposition also plays a significant role. A familial tendency has been observed, and in some cases, the carpal tunnel can be narrowed from birth. Overall, more women than men are affected by the disease, and it also occurs more frequently in dialysis patients.

The first signs of carpal tunnel syndrome can be tingling and numbness in the hands. As the condition progresses, pain develops, and the more advanced stage is characterized by loss of strength and muscle atrophy. The area supplied by the median nerve is affected, resulting in symptoms around the middle finger, index finger, and thumb. Over time, certain activities such as cycling, driving, and holding objects can become more difficult.

The way to reliable diagnosis and modern treatment

Early diagnosis is of great importance in intervening promptly with therapy. When treated early enough, the nerve can regenerate entirely in most cases. Before surgery can be planned, a precise diagnosis is required. A neurologist carries out nerve conduction diagnostics for this purpose. If this reveals an impairment of the nerve, surgery is recommended.

Dr Kau's private practice in Villach offers a modern and gentle alternative to conventional surgical procedures. The specialist in interventional radiology uses a modern method co-developed by the University of Innsbruck and shows excellent results.

Minimal-invasive procedure and fast recovery

The ultrasound-targeted releasing of the carpal tunnel offers several advantages. The procedure is outpatient, minimal-invasive, and only takes half an hour. Older patients also benefit from the new method, as they do not need to be fit for anesthesia. A local anesthetic is used for the intervention, and the fingers are immediately mobile again afterward. Dr Kau can create an ultrasound-assisted access route via a small puncture above the wrist.

The ligament of connective tissue that leads to the narrowing of the carpal tunnel can now be released using tiny instruments. Sutures are not required for this gentle procedure. Only tight patches and a pressure bandage are applied, which the patient can remove independently. The tissue-sparing method ensures relaxed healing of the area. Wound infections are also very unlikely. Once the local anesthetics have worn off, patients only feel slight pain, which quickly subsides.

Quick return to normality

Thanks to the gentle procedure and the absence of skin sutures, it is possible to start directly with finger exercises and movement therapy. In this way, mobility and suitability for everyday life can be quickly restored, and a quick return to work is possible.

Dr Kau is one of the pioneers of ultrasound-targeted intervention with this modern method and has many years of experience in this field. The practice guarantees a personalized preliminary consultation and individual aftercare following the procedure. 

Nerve Ultrasound Enables Precise Diagnosis and Therapy

Nerve ultrasound enables precise and safe diagnosis and treatment. Dr Kau treats patients with the highest level of expertise and empathy, takes a lot of time as a private practitioner, and creates a professional and patient-oriented atmosphere.

The doctor guarantees routine and successful treatment thanks to his many years of experience in ultrasound-targeted interventional radiology procedures. State-of-the-art medical technology and a friendly team are available in the practice for the surgeries so that patients are treated with the latest scientific technologies and feel that they are in good hands at all times.

Safety Thanks to a Second Opinion: CT/MRI Second Opinion for a Comprehensive Diagnosis

Medicine is complex, and in many cases, there are various treatment approaches from which to choose. The recommendation for a particular treatment option is usually based on different interpretations by individual specialists.

A second opinion can, therefore, often mean more certainty and greater peace of mind for the patients. Dr Kau thus offers the opportunity to obtain a second opinion on radiological findings or to discuss questions about existing examination results. The experienced doctor fulfills the patient's wish to have sufficient time to go through more complex issues and, if necessary, look at them from a different angle.

Patients can arrange an appointment online to discuss CT or MRI scan findings. Dr Kau offers detailed discussions within a time frame of forty-five minutes.

Please visit the website of Prim. PD Dr Thomas Kau for more information.


Curriculum Vitae

Since May 2024Member of the Ethics Commission of the Province of Carinthia
Since June 2020Teaching License, Medical University of Graz - Associate Professor
September 2019European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE)
Since 01/2016Head of the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Villach Regional Hospital
September 2011European Diploma in Neuroradiology (EDiNR) of the European Society of Neuroradiology
January 2011 -December 2015Senior Physician, Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Klagenfurt Hospital
January -December 2010Fellowship "Pediatric Neuroradiology," Department of Image Diagnostics, University Pediatric Hospital Zurich, and Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
Since 12/2009Specialist in Medical Radiology Diagnostics
March - April 2007Training in Functional Neuroimaging, Division of Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester Medical School, Great Britain
July 2009 - December 2009Minor Subject Specialist Training, Departments of Neurology and Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Klagenfurt Hospital
June 2004 -June 2009Medical Specialist Training, Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Klagenfurt Hospital
November 2003 - June 2004Trainee Doctor, Department of Internal Medicine, AöKH der Elisabethinen, Klagenfurt
September 1996 -February 2003Medical Studies, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Dissertation

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Prim. PD Dr Thomas Kau

Private Practice Prim. PD Dr Thomas Kau

Nikolaigasse 43, A-9500 Villach

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