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Dr Jauch - Jauch_Portrait

Dr Andreas Jauch

Medical Director

Specialist in Dental Surgery and Implant Surgery

+49 8161 2469 678

AiportClinic Munich Freising: Dr Andreas Jauch

Treatment focus

  • Especially for patients who fear going to the dentist: dental restorations under general anaesthetic / analgesic sedation / nitrous oxide
  • Implants – especially all-on-4 concept
  • Dental restorations under general anaesthesia
  • Dentures and tooth preservation
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Bone reconstruction locally and from the iliac crest
  • Autologous blood treatment for bone regeneration using PRF (sticky bone)


AirportClinic, Freising
Clemensänger-Ring 9, D-85356 Freising

P: +49 8161 2469 678 F: +49 8161 4943 995

Consultation Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8 am – 6 pm

Wednesday, Friday
8 am – 3 pm

Saturday, Sunday by arrangement


Dr Andreas Jauch - Post-treatmentAirportClinic Freising - AmbienceDr Andreas Jauch - TreatmentAirportClinic Freising - ReceptionAirportClinic Freising - Dental ChairAirportClinic Freising - Waiting RoomAirportClinic Freising - Practice ReceptionAirportClinic Freising - HallwayAirportClinic Freising - ImpressionDr Andreas Jauch - AirportClinic Freising Doctor's OfficeAirportClinic Freising - Entrance AreaAirportClinic Freising - Treatment RoomAirportClinic Freising - Entry AreaAirportClinic Freising - Practice RoomsAirportClinic Freising - Consulting RoomAirportClinic Freising - Washroom

Medical Range

Range of diagnostic services

  • Diagnosis of dental diseases and gum inflammation
  • Diagnosis of malocclusions, bite abnormalities, temporomandibular joint diseases
  • DVT (digital volume tomography): high-resolution, low-radiation procedure for 3D imaging of the skull bones; implant planning; injury diagnosis; 3D representation of changes in the upper/lower jaw and the skull bone (20 times lower radiation exposure than with usual CT)
  • Collaboration with sleep laboratory


Range of therapeutic services

  • Implantology: use of implants made of titanium, zirconium oxide and ceramics
  • Gentle therapy for patients who fear going to the dentist
  • Dental restorations under general anaesthesia
  • Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders: discus displacement, pain in the masticatory muscles (myofascial pain), degenerative alteration in the temporomandibular joint (arthralgia, arthritis or arthrosis), craniomandibular dysfunction 
  • Correction of misaligned bite
  • Periodontology
  • In-office bleaching
  • Radiofrequency surgery
  • Production of PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) for better wound healing from own blood by means of centrifugation
  • Snoring treatment with palate tightening and snoring splint

More Information


Dr Andreas Jauch is a specialist in implantology. He is owner as well as Medical Director of the AirportClinic in Freising near Munich. Since beautiful teeth are not only important for appearance but also for well-being, many diseases can be attributed to dental problems. Therefore, Dr Jauch recommends regular visits to the dentist.

Dr Andreas Jauch and his team offer all relevant modern treatment methods of dentistry including the whole experience of classical dentistry plus oral and maxillofacial surgery. In patient reviews, he is praised as a "competent and empathic dentist".

Dentist for Anxiety Patients in the Munich Area

Dr Andreas Jauch and the team of AirportClinic Freising pay particular attention to patients who fear going to the dentist. In order to provide them with oral and dental care that preserves their health, the entire team is specially trained. Patients with strong jitters of going to the dentist are not greeted in a treatment room but in a pleasantly designed consulting chamber.

The first contact with patients occurs usually not in form of an examination but rather like a consultation on the client’s wishes and needs. If treatment is required, it can be performed at the AirportClinic near Munich under intravenous sedation, nitrous oxide sedation or general anaesthesia. In addition, the dental clinic will give advice on the possibilities of cost coverage by the health insurance companies.

AirportClinic in Freising: Dental Medical Center for Anxiety Patients Near Munich

The dental clinic impresses with a modern interior made of wood, glass and concrete in bright, friendly colours. These features create a pleasant and fearless ambience from the first moment on. The friendly staff and reasonable waiting times also help to create the patient’s stay at the dentistry as pleasant as possible.

Both in dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr Jauch and his team use latest dental science, techniques and materials to deliver the best possible results for their patients. Among other things, the Dental Clinic near Munich has an X-ray machine for digital volume tomography (DVT), a high-resolution, low-radiation procedure for 3D diagnostics and dental implant planning.

For patients who fear going to the dentist, separate counselling, treatment and anaesthesia methods as well as therapeutic support from the dentists are offered. The AirportClinic in Freising is certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001.

Dr Andreas Jauch: Your Specialist for Oral Surgery in Freising Near Munich

Temporomandibular joint disorders, dental irregularities or traumatic injuries due to accidents often require surgical correction in the region of the mouth, jaw or face. Dr Andreas Jauch has many years of experience in all areas of oral surgery for patients in the Munich area:

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

The most common temporomandibular joint disorder is referred to as CMD or craniomandibular dysfunction and describes a malfunction between the skull (cranium) and jaw (mandible). This defect can cause - among other things - pain in head, shoulder, neck and back as well as toothache, dizziness or blurred vision. In rare severe cases, oral surgery must be performed to relieve the temporomandibular joints. Also, displacement of the cartilage disc in the TMJ or signs of wear can cause severe pain and need to be treated - in certain cases - by oral surgery at the dental clinic. 

Correction of Misaligned Bite

Malformations of teeth are not only an aesthetic problem but may also greatly affect speech, swallowing or chewing problems in the long run. By means of a jaw surgery treatment or operation, the upper or lower jaw can be shifted in such a way that an optimal bite is created.


Periodontitis is a bacterial inflammation of the gums. It can occur at any age at various places in the jaw and progresses with different degrees of severity. Risk factors such as smoking, stress, common diseases and inadequate oral hygiene promote inflammation of the gums, which is manifested by frequent bleeding and can lead to tooth loss. For the sustainable treatment of periodontitis, Dr Jauch developed his own concept for tooth preservation.


After an accident involving facial and jaw injuries, it is important to ensure rapid surgical care. Dr Jauch and his team have a high level of expertise in reconstructive oral and maxillofacial surgery. They attach great importance to thorough monitoring of affected patients in order to achieve optimal healing processes with minimum loss of function.

Almost Better Than Your Own Teeth: Dental Implants From the AirportClinic in Freising Near Munich

When preservation of one or more teeth is no longer possible, dental implants are often the best choice in dentistry. The aim is to imitate nature as closely as possible with dentures. Modern dental implants can perform the same tasks as a real, fixed tooth.

Dr Jauch usually uses titanium implants at his dental establishment. Metal-free zirconia implants have also been used successfully for years. In addition, Dr Jauch has more than 20 years of experience with ceramic implants. Dental inserts can last a lifetime. Prerequisite for this is the careful insertion and planning of the implant as well as the patient’s thorough care and regular check-up of his dental prosthesis.

Find more information at the website of the AirportClinic Freising.


Curriculum Vitae

1986 - 1995Study of Human Medicine at the University of Tübingen
1987 - 1996Dentistry studies at the University of Tübingen
1996Doctorate in Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen
1995 - 1997Internship at Marienhospital Stuttgart, Department of Plastic Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial (OMF) Surgery under Prof. Wangerin, Prof. Gubisch and Prof. Greulich
1997 - 1999Specialist training at the Department of OMF Surgery of Prof. Schwenzer at the University of Tübingen
1999 - 2000Completion of the training under Prof. Reinertt
02/2000Specialist examinations
2000 - 2001Specialist in the Department of OMF Surgery of Prof. Reinert at the University of Tübingen
Seit 2002In own practice
2007Qualification of special focus on aesthetic surgery
Seit 10/2008Medical Director of the AirportClinic in Freising for OMF and Cosmetic surgerye


  • Dr Christian Schreyer
    Specialist in Oral Surgery
  • Dr Philipp Dankesreiter
    Specialist in Oral Surgery in training

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Munich Central Railway Station40 km

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Dr Andreas Jauch

Medical Director

AirportClinic, Freising

Clemensänger-Ring 9, D-85356 Freising

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