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Dr Bloechle - Portrait

Dr Matthias Bloechle MD

Co-Owner of Practice

Specialist in Reproductive Medicine/Endocrinology

+49 30 965 367 30

Fertility Center in Berlin

Treatment focus

  • Cycle diagnostics and monitoring
  • Spermiogram/andrological examination
  • Ectopic permeability test (by means of ultrasound, trans-vaginal hydrolazoscopy, uterine cavity mirroring, or abdominal reflection)
  • In vitro fertilisation/embryo transfer
  • Sperm micro-injection (ICSI)
  • Genetic diagnostics in the context of IVF/ICSI treatment
  • Operative treatment of uterine and tubal disorders


Kinderwunschzentrum at the Gedächtniskirche
Rankestraße 34, D-10789 Berlin

P: +49 30 965 367 30 F: +49 30 219 092 99

Consultation Hours:

Monday–Friday 7:30 am to 8:00 pm (and by appointment)

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Gynaecological examination, ultrasound examination
  • Ejaculate examination (spermiogram), andrological examination
  • Cycle diagnostics and cycle control
  • Clarification of the genetic causes of sterility and infertility
  • Transvaginal endoscopy (TVE), transvaginal hydrolazoscopy (abdominal transpiration from the vagina)
  • Hysteroscopy


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Conductivity testing by contrast medium and ultrasound
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Hormonal stimulation of the ovaries
  • In vitro fertilisation, embryo transfer
  • Sperm micro-injection (ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • Polar body diagnostics and pre-implantation diagnostics
  • Operative treatment of uterine disorders and ectopic function disorders
  • Cryopreservation of sperm and fertilised egg cells, cryo-TESE
  • Acupuncture
  • Diagnostics of trace elements and harmful substances
  • Gynaecological endocrinology
  • Care of high-risk pregnancies in the first three months

More Information


EndocrinologistDr Matthias Bloechle MD is an experienced specialist in reproductive medicine and gynaecological endocrinology. He is co-owner of the Kinderwunschzentrum (fertility center) at the Gedächtniskirche (memorial church) in Berlin. Dr Bloechle and his team inform and advise patients about the options for clarifying male and female fertility as well as treatment methods in case of fertility problems.

Detailed Diagnostics of Men and Women With Fertility Problems

Thanks to the ever-increasing scientific knowledge and medical possibilities, many couples with fertility problems can now be helped. Because the reasons can vary greatly and can be traced to both the man and the woman, Dr Bloechle specialises in supervising and accompanying the couple as a whole.

Each pair is first thoroughly examined by Dr Bloechle and his colleagues. Among other things, this entails an exact cycle analysis and gynaecological examination of  women and sperm examination of men.

A Holistic and Trusting Relationship Along the Way to a Planned Child

Dr Bloechle and his team determine the female and male fertility and are always available to discuss current treatment options. There are various therapeutic approaches to support couples along the way to having their own child.

There are medical options (e.g. positively influencing the female hormones) as well as alternative techniques (e.g. acupuncture). Dr Bloechle and his team of fertility specialists will be happy to help you. Your wishes will be treated confidentially. His team includes a specialist in psychosomatic medicine that will accompany the couple in this emotionally demanding life situation.

Highly-Experienced Fertility Center in Berlin

Thanks to in vitro fertilisation, which was established in 1978, it is now possible to help childless couples have their own child. Through intensive hormonal pre-treatment, the ovaries of the woman are stimulated to promote the growth of several ovules. The egg cells can then be removed with a fine needle through the vaginal wall under mild anaesthesia. These eggs cells are combined with approximately 100,000 sperm to enable artificial insemination in a test tube (in vitro). After only 24 h in an incubator, possible fertilisations are visible. The fertilised embryos are placed in the uterine cavity 2-3 days after the eggs were removed (embryo transfer).

Dr Bloechle has many years of experience in gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine and is a trustworthy point of contact for couples with fertility problems in Berlin.

Dr Bloechle and his team introduced pre-implantation diagnostics in Germany and were the first working group in Germany to achieve the birth of a healthy child after using this method.

More information about Dr Bloechle can be found at his website.


Curriculum Vitae

  • Human Medicine studies in Marburg and Berlin
  • Specialist physician training as a specialist for women's health at the Charité University Hospital
  • Many years of experience in the departments of reproductive medicine and endocrinology – most recently as deputy head of the department
  • Advanced training in “Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology”


  • Dr Silke Marr
    Co-owner of the fertility practice
  • Dr Franziska Pauly
  • Dr Katharina Krohn
  • Dr Nora Bolz
  • Claudia Ehlert
  • Dr Rosa Rendtorff

Research & Training



  • On every other Thursday, there is a free information evening at 8:00 pm


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Transport Connections

Berlin Central Station4 km
Berlin Airport28 km

Information about Berlin

The German state capital of the federal state with the same name is located in the east of the Federal Republic of Germany. Berlin is the largest city in the country and the seat of government since 1999. The rivers Spree, Havel and smaller rivers and streams flow through the city. Furthermore, the cityscape is characterised by lakes, forests and parks, making Berlin one of the greenest capitals. The Berlin Mitte district is located in the centre of the 12 districts into which the city is divided.

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Dr Matthias Bloechle MD

Co-Owner of Practice

Kinderwunschzentrum at the Gedächtniskirche

Rankestraße 34, D-10789 Berlin

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