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Thigh Lift Surgery

What Is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift describes a surgery for removing excess flabby skin from the thighs to create the picture of beautiful, firm legs, which is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure that has no medical necessity. Liposuction can also be carried out if desired.

For Whom Is a Thigh Lift Advisable?

Many women find loose skin on their legs, aesthetically unattractive, and suffer in their self-esteem. Those sufferers are ashamed of their appearance and avoid wearing short pants or dresses, for example. Retrieving firm and slender legs can help these patients to feel more comfortable and beautiful overall. Before the treatment, the patient's wishes should be discussed in detail with the doctor in charge. Besides, the doctor must clearly explain what results can be expected to avoid disappointment.

The surgery is suitable for women with excess skin. However, if the volume of the thighs is supposed to be reduced, liposuction will become necessary, which can also be combined with tightening, as excess skin often results from local fat reduction.

For people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes mellitus or smokers, such a surgery, or surgeries in general, can be problematic. In these patients, wound healing disorders occur more frequently, so that the indication for surgery must be reconsidered or abstinence from smoking must be agreed before the surgery.

What is the Procedure for Thigh Lift?

The surgery takes two to three hours and is carried out under general anesthesia. After the surgery, an inpatient stay of five days is necessary, and patients should expect to be inactive for about two weeks.

At the beginning of the surgery, the surgeon makes incisions with a special scalpel only involving the epidermis. The incisions start laterally above the inguinal fold and run across the thigh flexure to the gluteal fold. The skin to be removed is carefully separated from the subcutaneous fatty tissue and then removed. The edges of the remaining skin are stitched in places that are as least visible as possible. The use of special sutures and stitch techniques prevents excessive scarring.

Thigh Lift Costs

A thigh lift is almost always a plain aesthetic procedure without medical necessity, which means that statutory health insurance companies do not cover the bills of 3000-6000 Euros. The costs are calculated individually according to the complexity of the surgery and are difficult to predict. In Germany, licensed physicians are not allowed to calculate services outside of the scope of statutory health care, but must adhere to the scale of fees for physicians.

Dos and Don’ts After Thigh Lift

The physical strain should be avoided for up to two weeks after the surgery. After six weeks, sports activities can be resumed. Sunbathing should be avoided until eight weeks after the surgery.

Scar care is recommended to achieve the best possible result. Besides, patients should wear compression stockings until four weeks after the surgery to support blood flow and lymph drainage.

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Which Doctors and Clinics Are Specialists for Thigh Lift?

Patients can get advice regarding their operation directly from the surgeons. There is a charge for the consultation, regardless of whether the surgery is required afterward. Costs of 50-200€ may accrue, depending on the extent of the meeting. The surgery is among plastic and aesthetic surgery. Caution: the term "cosmetic surgery" is not defined in the law on further training for doctors and is therefore not protected.

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