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What Is Intimate Surgery?

Intimate surgery includes surgical interventions on the sexual organs in both women and men. These operations can be medically necessary or purely aesthetic.

Which Surgical Methods Are Summarized Under the Term Intimate Surgery?

Intimate surgery for women:

  • Labiaplasty
  • Clitoral hood reduction
  • Hymenal reconstruction (reconstruction of the hymen)
  • Vulvectomy

Intimate surgery for men:

  • Penis augmentation
  • Circumcision

Why Are Intimate Surgeries Carried Out?

Intimate surgery is carried out due to functional disorders but also due to aesthetic problems.

By far, the most common intimate surgery in Germany is the reduction of the labia minora in women. Functional disorders associated with this particular anatomy include pain during sports and sitting, minor injuries, and inflammation. But, also subjective discomfort up to psychological complications due to the unwanted shape of the labia can lead to surgery.

The clitoral hood reduction is performed to satisfy the aesthetic sensation of women and to increase their lust. By exposing the clitoris, access to stimulation can be improved, resulting in increased sexual satisfaction.

Hymenal reconstructions are carried out for social and cultural purposes and refer to the restoration of the hymen. The narrowing of the hymen ensures little bleeding during the next sexual intercourse after surgery. This bleeding is caused by tearing the hymen when the penis is penetrated to prove the woman's virginity before the wedding night.

Vulvectomy is the removal of the outer and inner labia, which may be medically indicated due to pain, other dysfunctions, and cancer growth, such as vulvar carcinoma .

Circumcision, also called circumcision, is the most common form of intimate surgery for men. It can be culturally motivated, but also medically necessary. The medical necessity occurs in cases of severe foreskin constriction , where the foreskin can no longer be retracted or only be partially retracted via the glans. This constriction can lead to recurrent inflammation, urinary retention, reduced blood flow, and pain when urinating.

Penis augmentation is used much less frequently and is highly controversial nowadays. This form of surgery includes lengthening or thickening of the penis, especially in an erect state, which can be achieved by implanting autologous or synthetic material.

How High Are the Costs of an Aesthetic Genital Surgery?

If the surgery is aesthetical, the patient must pay for the surgery, pre- and post-operative care, anesthesia, and possibly hospitalization. If medically indicated, in a few cases, patients will receive cost coverage confirmation from the health insurance company after the Medical Service has reviewed the case. Private health insurance companies are more generous in this respect and tend to grant (partial) reimbursement of costs.

The costs are calculated individually according to the complexity of the surgery and are difficult to predict. In Germany, licensed physicians are not allowed to calculate services outside of the scope of contract physician care themselves, but must adhere to the scale of fees for physicians. According to estimates, patients can expect the following prices:

  • Labiaplasty: 1000-4000€
  • Clitoral hood reduction 2000-5000€
  • Hymenal reconstruction 500-3500€
  • Penis augmentation 4000-8000€
  • Circumcision 300-1000€

Are There Alternatives to Intimate Surgery?

From t psychological point of view, the question arises why people use plastic surgery services. Sufferers expect a better psychological condition from such a surgery, especially a better quality of life and higher self-esteem. Many sufferers express their dissatisfaction with their bodies as the main reason for wanting surgery. This dissatisfaction is reflected in general dissatisfaction, the desire to correct a blemish, social stigmatization, and media role models. Most of the patients feel their self-esteem has been strengthened, and they are more satisfied after such surgeries.

The question, therefore, arises whether such a result can also be achieved through psychological treatment and care. During the initial consultation, every surgeon should precisely determine the wishes and hopes of the patients and pay attention to a possible psychological cause of the urge for surgery.

There are also conservative treatments for labia reduction and foreskin circumcision if they are medically indicated. These should be given priority over surgical treatment. Surgery should only be considered in the case of therapy failure or repeated problems.

Which Doctors Are Specialists in Intimate Surgery?

Patients can obtain advice on their surgical options from their gynecologist or urologist. The surgeries themselves are usually carried out in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In Switzerland, there is a specialist area of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery. The term "cosmetic surgery" is not defined in the law on further training for doctors and is therefore not protected. Circumcision is carried out by urologists.

If the surgery is carried out in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia, the procedure can take place in the practice of a registered specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery. If general anesthesia is desired or necessary, the surgery is connected to an inpatient stay.

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