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Can Eyebrows Be Transplanted?

In principle, eyebrows can be transplanted in every patient. However, in rare cases, it may happen that individual patients are not suitable for this procedure, which will be clarified with the treating physician.

What Is Eyebrow Transplantation and How Is it Carried Out?

The eyebrow transplantation is autologous hair transplantation of so-called follicular units, i.e., individual hair roots from which up to three hairs can grow. This is a surgical procedure in which the body's hair is removed from denser areas such as the back of the head - in men also from the chest or beard - to transplant it to less overgrown areas, often eyebrows that are affected by bald spots. Reasons for such surgery are, among others, excessive plucking, age-related hair loss, scarring, or even a genetic predisposition.

The surgery is carried out under local anesthesia to be conscious but do not feel any pain. The surgeon first removes individual follicular units from the anesthetized donor area using special instruments, examines each transplant thoroughly, and preserves it in a nutrient-rich solution. Each hair transplant is inserted individually, paying close attention to its placement and natural direction of growth. In this way, the most natural appearance possible is achieved.

The duration of the procedure can vary greatly depending on the extent of the process. The filling of light brows is estimated to take about 2 hours, but a complete reconstruction of both brows may take considerably longer.

How Much Does an Eyebrow Implantation Cost?

The cost of the procedure also depends on the extent of the transplantation. For example, smaller fillings can be possible from as little as 500 Euros, but complete eyebrow reconstructions can cost up to 3500 Euros.

What Should Be Paid Attention to After Eyebrow Transplantation?

The transplanted hair roots begin to grow immediately after the surgery, but they fall out again about 2-3 weeks later, which is entirely normal and can be observed in all patients. The hair roots begin to grow individually about 4 weeks after the procedure, some faster and some slower. The final result can be seen about 10 months after the procedure.

How Long Does the Result Last?

Eyebrow transplantation is a permanent method in which the transplanted hairs fall out and grow again just like natural eyebrows - renewing themselves and remaining for life.


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