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Specialist in Prevention / Diagnostics Professor Dr Uwe Nixdorff, F.E.S.C. - Portrait

Professor Dr Uwe Nixdorff, F.E.S.C.

Practice Owner and Managing Director

Specialist in Prevention / Diagnostics

+49 211 9232 3022
Private patients & self-insured

Health Check Specialist in Dusseldorf Prof. Nixdorff

Treatment focus

  • Non-invasive cardiac diagnostics (echocardiography including tissue Doppler and strain rate imaging, cardiac CT, cardiac MRI)
  • Early detection of atherosclerosis (vascular stiffness, vascular calcification)
  • Long-term monitoring (blood pressure, ECG, sleep apnoea screening)
  • Athlete diagnostics/performance diagnostics
  • Psychosomatic correlations including states of exhaustion (chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and burnout)
  • Healthy longevity: early diagnosis and preventive measures
  • Lifestyle consultation
  • Check-up programmes


Nixdorff Cardiology – Private Cardiological Practice
and the European Prevention Center at the Grand-Arc Medical Center in Düsseldorf
Luise-Rainer-Str. 6-10, D-40235 Düsseldorf

P: +49 211 9232 3022(Private patients & self-insured) F: +49 211 4477 3799

Consultation Hours:

For private patients and self-paying patients

Nixdorff Cardiology – Private Cardiological Practice


Prof. Nixdorff - Patient Interview - Patientengespraech2Practice Owner and Managing Director - Prof. Nixdorff Prof. Nixdorff - DiagnosisProfessor Dr Uwe Nixdorff, F.E.S.C. - Patient InterviewProfessor Dr Uwe Nixdorff, F.E.S.C. – European Prevention CenterProfessor Dr Uwe Nixdorff, F.E.S.C. – European Prevention Center

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services


  • Non-invasive cardiac diagnostics (echocardiography including tissue Doppler and strain rate imaging, cardiac CT, cardiac MRI)
  • Hypertensiology with initial diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure
  • Cardiac rhythm diagnostics
  • Clarification of the causes of stroke
  • Preoperative consultation
  • Long-term monitoring (outpatient blood pressure monitoring (ABDM) and Holter ECG)
  • Echocardiographic methods: conventional transthoracic Doppler echocardiography (TTE), in particular tissue Doppler echocardiography, strain rate imaging; transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), dynamic and pharmacological stress echocardiography
  • Clarification of respiratory disorders (lung function diagnostics)
  • Early detection of atherosclerosis (vascular stiffness)
  • Vascular function diagnostics (pulse wave analysis (PWA))
  • Cardiovascular risk stratification and risk factor adjustment
  • Sports diagnostics/athletic performance diagnostics, including ergospirometry
  • Lifestyle consultation (smoking cessation, fitness, nutrition, work-life balance)
  • Biochemical stress analysis
  • Diagnosis of coronary syndromes, myocardial infarction, heart failure of all causes


Range of Therapeutic Services


  • Behavioural lifestyle modification to improve prognosis, where necessary, with the aid of paramedical skills (personal trainers, ecotrophologists and coaches)
  • Fine-tuning of medications for all cardiac diseases including primary prevention indications
  • Medical stress counselling

More Information


Prof Dr Uwe Nixdorff is a prevention, screening, and diagnostics specialist. He is the owner of the private practice for cardiology in Düsseldorf and the founder and medical director of the European Prevention Center (EPC).

Prof. Nixdorff focuses on cardiovascular preventive medicine with the specialty of comprehensive diagnostics (cross-sectional imaging and functional diagnostics) and dialogical medicine with in-depth lifestyle advice. As an EPC location, he offers check-up programs for companies, private customers, and self-payers.

Health Check Düsseldorf: Early Diagnosis Before Complaints Set In

The most critical and innovative focus of Prof. Nixdorff's practice is the knowledge and use of the latest early diagnosis methods using precise imaging procedures connected with personalized medical histories. In this way, possible diseases can be identified long before subjective complaints manifest in persons who are not patients yet to initiate targeted preventive measures and avoid the disease developing in the first place. In addition to pure prevention diagnostics, genetic risk findings are incorporated into Prof. Nixdorff's treatment concept to improve health prevention significantly.

Focus on Cardiovascular Preventive Medicine

An important score for determining the risk of a heart attack is the "Procam Score," expressed as the percentage risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years. Professor Assmann developed this and considers individual information on age, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, cigarette smoking, and family medical history.

In Prof Nixdorff's prevention concept, this is not just a theoretical figure but a basis for further recommendations and early detection examinations, which the specialist offers at the highest level in his private practice.

Using the latest echocardiographic methods such as tissue Doppler echocardiography, including strain rate imaging, early detection of atherosclerosis, and vascular function diagnostics (pulse wave diagnostics (PWA)), the experienced specialist can offer individualized diagnostics and therapy for coronary heart disease.

Focus on Dialogic Medicine with Lifestyle Counseling

For Prof Nixdorff, a detailed individual medical history and knowledge of the strength of primary prevention are essential to detect diseases in advance. Sometimes, they can even replace therapeutic measures such as cardiac catheterization.

The specialist in early detection relies on innovations in the prevention of heart disease, findings from good study data that are incorporated into his dialog-based medicine and lifestyle counseling.

For example, weight training has been added to endurance sports, which is considered sufficient, and new findings on the problem of excessive carbohydrate consumption have been included in the diet. Another point is the importance of vitamin D, which can even halve the rate of heart attacks if taken in sufficient concentration.

Check-ups for Managers and Employees of Companies at the European Prevention Center

The European Prevention Center (EPC) was founded in 2005 by Prof Nixdorff to create a comprehensive, interdisciplinary screening program for early diagnosis and prevention. The EPC is one of the most advanced providers of preventive medical check-ups for companies and their employees. It strengthens the knowledge of health science through training in prevention programs, quality assurance of all medical services, and the implementation of marketing and organizational tasks. One of the company's leading value propositions is to focus on the well-being of its clients.

EPC check-ups are offered at the Medical Center Düsseldorf (MCD) using state-of-the-art equipment and a coordinated professional application of examination procedures to prevent life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

Further information is available on Professor Nixdorff's website, on the website of the European Prevention Center (EPC) and on the website of the HANAKO GmbH.


Curriculum Vitae

2020 – to dateECPM. GmbH - European Center of Personalized Medicine (Founder and Managing Director in Cooperation with Prof Dr K. Nayernia)
2019E.A.P.C. Centre Accreditation in Cardiovascular Risk Management and Prevention des European Prevention Center (European Association of Preventive Cardiology (E.A.P.C.) der European Society of Cardiology (E.S.C.))
2015 – to dateHanako GmbH (Founder and Managing Director in Cooperation with M. Mayr)
2010 – 2016Dresden International University (DIU) (Visiting Professor Master's Program "Master of Science in Preventive Medicine (M.Sc.)"; 2015 - 2016 Scientific Director)
2010 – to date  Private Cardiology Practice Nixdorff-Vester Düsseldorf
2007 – 2010Private Cardiology Practice Duisburg
2006Leibniz-Institute Arteriosclerosis Research at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster/Assmann Foundation for Prevention (Prof Assmann), Münster (Research Fellow)
2005 – to dateEPC GmbH - European Prevention Center; Düsseldorf and Berlin (Founder and Managing Director)
2004Cooper Institute/Clinic (Dr Cooper), Dallas/USA (Further Training)
1998 – 2004Friedrich-Alexander University Hospital Erlangen-Nuremberg, Medical Clinic II with Polyclinic (Prof Daniel), Erlangen (Senior Physician)
1990 – 1998Coronary Sports Group, Hofheim/Ts. (Cardiology Supervisor)
1988 – 1990Emergency Medical Service, Büdingen (Emergency Medical Physician)
1989Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory (Prof Weyman), Boston (USA) (Research Fellow)
1989University of Virginia School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology (Prof Kaul), Charlottesville (USA) (Research Fellow)
1988Michael Reese Hospital, Division of Cardiology (Prof Weber), Chicago (USA) (Research Fellow)
1987 – 1998Johannes Gutenberg University Hospital, II. Medical Clinic (Prof Meyer), Mainz (Assistant Physician)
1986 – 1987German Heart Center Munich, Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases (Prof Rudolph), Munich (Assistant Physician)
1985 – 1986German Armed Forces Hospital, Internal Medicine Department (Colonel Dr Schmidt), Giessen (Staff Physician)
1981Witwatersrand University, Baragwanath Hospital (Prof du Plessis), Johannesburg (South Africa) (Clinical Clerkship)
1978 – 1985Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/Main (Studies of Human Medicine)


  • Prof Dr U. Nixdorff
    Internist, Cardiologist, Sports Physician
  • P.D. Dr Raphael Bruno
    Internist, Cardiologist, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Hypertensiologist, Lipidologist, Heart Failure
  • Prof Dr E. Vester
    Internist, Cardiologist, Rhythmologist, Intensive Care Physician (Former Head Physician of the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Düsseldorf (EVK))

Research & Training



  • Comprehensive checkups in assigned lounges raised to the level of hotels, instead of waiting rooms
  • Superior attentive service, with daily newspaper, video information, drinks and snacks
  • Underground parking lot directly below the EPC
  • All consultation services, such as radiology, under one roof


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Transport Connections

Düsseldorf Central Station3 km
Düsseldorf Airport11 km
Cologne/Bonn Airport51 km

Information about Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf is not only the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With 612,000 inhabitants, it is also the second-largest city in this federal state and the headquarters of many companies and banks relevant to the stock exchange. Thus, it is an important international business center with an airport.

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Professor Dr Uwe Nixdorff, F.E.S.C.

Practice Owner and Managing Director

Nixdorff Cardiology – Private Cardiological Practice

and the European Prevention Center at the Grand-Arc Medical Center in Düsseldorf

Luise-Rainer-Str. 6-10, D-40235 Düsseldorf

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