Information About Prof Dr Beate Timmermann

Prof Dr Beate Timmermann
Director of the Clinic for Particle Therapy
Specialist in Radiation Therapy & Radiooncology
Essen, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Brain tumors: meningioma, astrocytoma, glioma, glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, ependymoma, medulloblastoma, acoustic neuroma, pituitary adenoma, craniopharyngioma, etc.
  • Bone and soft tissue tumours that are not displaced on inspiration (sarcomas): rhabdomyosarcoma, osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, chondrosarcoma, chordoma, etc.
  • Prostate carcinomas (especially intermediate and high risk)
  • Advanced pelvic tumours with lymphatic drainage
  • Advanced ENT tumours such as nasopharyngeal carcinomas (tumours in the nasopharyngeal cavity), carcinomas of the paranasal sinuses, aesthesioneuroblastoma, and salivary gland carcinoma
  • Complex relapse situations
  • Tumours in children younger than five years

Medical Range

Range of services

  • Craniospinal axis treatment (CSA)
  • Intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT)
  • Simultaneous integrated boost (SIB)
  • Pencil beam scanning method (PBS)
  • Treatment in anaesthesia in young children
  • Consultation regarding whether proton therapy is an option for certain types of tumours
  • Preparation of reports and statements
  • Information and support regarding the reimbursement of costs
  • Scheduling of planning appointments before a series of irradiation (e.g. for consultation and production/application of exact positioning aids)
  • Therapy planning with computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Development of precise irradiation plans in collaboration with attending medical physicists
  • Monitoring of treatment with X-ray and surface detection systems alongside diagnostic devices.
  • Since February 2012, the Counselling Centre for Paediatric Particle Therapy in the West German Proton Therapy Centre has been led by Dr Timmermann
  • Participation in clinical studies

About Prof Dr Beate Timmermann

Prof. Dr. Beate Timmermann is Director of the Clinic for Particle Therapy and Medical Director at the West German Proton Therapy Centre. She is one of the worldwide leading specialists in the area of radiotherapy and radio-oncology, especially in the area of proton therapy.

The West German Proton Therapy Centre is one of Germany’s leading institutes for radiotherapy with protons. It is also the world’s most modern proton therapy centre. The West German Proton Therapy Centres boasts a large team of excellent specialists, highly specialised medical physicists, experienced radiology assistants, and many other professionals. As a subsidiary of the University Hospital of Essen and thus part of the largest oncological centre, the West German Tumour Centre, it guarantees patients the highest level of medical treatment.

In current medicine, the irradiation of malignant tumours is a widespread procedure. X-ray or photon beams have primarily been used to destroy tumour cells. Proton therapy is a modern and precise form of radiation therapy for treating cancerous diseases. Because of its physical properties, it is particularly gentle and effective. The proton beam penetrates healthy tissue until the tumour is reached. Only there is the greatest energy discharged. With proton therapy, the radiation exposure of the healthy skin is considerably lower than it is for other methods. With the help of proton therapy, even tumours in sensitive areas of the body, which are difficult or impossible to operate on, can be treated.

The greatest clinical achievements have been made in treating the chordoma and chondrosarcoma of the skull base as well as the axial skeleton, tumours of the fundus, and solid tumours in juveniles. At the West German Proton Therapy Centre, primarily non-displaceable tumours in the head, spine and pelvic area (i.e. predominantly primary brain tumours and sarcomas of the skull base, facial skeleton, spine, and pelvis) are treated. Even prostate and nasopharyngeal carcinomas are taken into account.

A special focus of the West German Proton Therapy Centre is the treatment of children. At the West German Proton Therapy Centre, even the irradiation of children younger than five years is possible. Because their tissue is still developing, children are still particularly vulnerable to the side effects of irradiation. However, thanks to the highly controllable nature of radiation therapy with protons, normal tissue is largely protected. With protons, it is therefore possible to reduce the risk of negative consequences and secondary tumours. Since 2002, Dr Timmermann has dealt with establishing proton therapy for children.

The website of the West German Proton Therapy Centre can be found here.

Medical Team

  • Dr Dirk Geismar MD
    Senior Physician, Specialist for Radiotherapy
  • Dr Felicitas Guntrum MD
    Senior Physician, Specialist for Radiotherapy
  • Melissa Christiaens
    Senior Physician, Specialist for Radiotherapy
  • Dr Solveig Schulz MD
    Senior Physician, Specialist for Radiotherapy
  • Dr Dirk Barbara Winckler-Saleske MD
    Specialist for Radiotherapy
  • Dr Dalia Ahmad Khalil MD
    Specialist for Radiotherapy
  • Dr Claudia Plass MD
    Paediatrician, Haematologist/Oncologist
  • Dr Martina Stickan Verfürth MD
  • Sarah Peters


  • Close cooperation with the clinics of the University Hospital of Essen
  • Integral part of the West German Tumour Centre - WTZ
  • Easy access with public or private transportation.
  • Individualised support with respect to accommodation.
  • Accommodation options for parents in parents’ house of Ronald McDonald House.
  • Individualised support for reimbursement of costs for accommodation and possibly travel
  • Vending machines in the centre
  • Cafeteria approx. 200 m away


Essen Central Station 4 km
Düsseldorf Central Station 33 km
Düsseldorf Airport 28 km

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Prof Dr Beate Timmermann
Director of the Clinic for Particle Therapy

West German Proton Therapy Centre Essen (WPE)
Clinic for Particle Therapy - University Hospital Essen
Am Mühlenbach 1, D-45147 Essen

T: +49 201 7199 9022
F: +49 201 723 5254

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