Orthopedic Surgeon for Sports Trauma in Vienna

Prof Dr Rudolf Schabus
Head of Practice
Specialist in Sports Traumatology
Vienna, Austria

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Treatment Focus

  • Surgery on the ligaments of the knee surgery (including cruciate ligament injuries, cruciate ligament tears, and collateral ligament injuries)
  • Arthroscopic examination of all joints
  • Sports reintegration
  • Early functional rehabilitation
  • Cartilage reconstruction
  • Joint surface replacement

Medical Range

Range of diagnostic services

  • Arthroscopic examination of all joints


Range of therapeutic services

  • Tendon and ligament reconstruction of the knee and shoulder (e.g. after a torn cruciate ligament)
  • Bony fracture and tendon healing
  • Early functional rehabilitation
  • Sports reintegration
  • Hip arthrosis
  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Hip surgery

About Prof Dr Rudolf Schabus

Orthopedic surgeon Prof. Dr Rudolf Schabus is a specialist in sports traumatology at the Vienna Private Hospital. He discovered his calling during the course of his medical studies while letting off steam by practicing extreme sports (which he still does today – thus far, without an injury requiring surgery). He has fulfilled his childhood dream to improve the world thanks to his occupation as a specialist in accident surgery and his consistent pursuit of his goal to minimize sports traumas while maintaining the enjoyment of practicing sports.

Thanks to his outstanding expertise, his medical skill, and his major scientific achievements, he was appointed Professor at the university in 1996. From 1991 to 2003, he was Deputy Chairmen at the University Hospital Vienna, Austria.

Accurate Diagnosis Provides Best Possible Treatment Results After Sports Injuries

Prof. Schabus established his medical practice for sports traumatology and accident surgery at the Vienna Private Hospital in 1996. Medical expertise, outstanding nurture, excellent follow-up care and rehabilitation are closely connected in this ultramodern practice. Thanks to modern quality standards, Prof. Schabus is able to provide patients the best possible therapy. A detailed patient consultation is important for Prof. Schabus as is the precise performance of preliminary examinations and diagnostic investigation. Only the combination of his patients' perceptions and whishes, the given medical possibilities, the demands of the treated person's body, as well as the medical reasonability ultimately result in the best treatment spectrum.

Internationally Recognised Specialist for Knee Surgery in Case of Ligament Injuries

One of Prof. Schabus’ specialist areas is advanced surgery on the ligaments of the knee. Here, Prof. Schabus is nationally and internationally acknowledged as a specialist in new surgery techniques on the ligaments of the knee. Hence, he has been the Team Physician of the Austrian Tennis Association for some years, as well as been working at the Davis Cup. In addition, he is used as a medical examiner by many top athletes.

Prof. Schabus’s excellent medical performance is guaranteed, inter alia due to his simultaneous research work. Hence, Prof. Schabus not only predominantly treats tendon and ligament injuries, he also researches bone fractures and tendon healing, as well as the options of arthroscopy (joint inspection).

Centre of Excellence for Arthroscopic Diagnostics and Therapy of All Major Joints

Prof. Schabus predominantly performs arthroscopic examinations and reconstruction of all joints at his centre of excellence for arthroscopy. Hereby, a more precise analysis of affected joints is enabled as would be possible using any imaging technique. Arthroscopy, however, is not only a diagnostic tool but also a therapeutic measure at the same time. Camera as well as special surgical instruments can be inserted into the joint via small incisions. In many cases, this enables minimally invasive reconstruction of tendons, ligaments, and joint surfaces in knees, shoulders, and other joints. Damaged cartilages can also be reconstructed using this technique.

Sports Reintegration Through Motivation, Precision, and Perfection

Not only a good therapy plays an important part in the healing process. Prof. Schabus also pays great attention to the best possible aftercare such as physiotherapy. His motto for success consists of three factors: motivation, precision, and perfection. Each individual involved has to contribute. Patients bring along their motivation and perseverance for the treatment period, Prof. Schabus has the expertise and the precision for precise restoration patients' damaged structures, and the physiotherapist compiles an exercise programme individually adapted to the patient's requirements.

This teamwork establishes best possible treatment results, including early rehabilitation and athletic reintegration.

You may visit the website of Prof. Schabus.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Medical studies at the University of Vienna
  • 1978: Doctorate
  • Specialist training in accident surgery University Hospital, Vienna
  • Since 1991: Deputy Chairman of the University Hospital, Vienna
  • Since 1996: Medical practice (consultation) for sports traumatology and accident surgery, Vienna Private Hospital
  • Vice President of GOTS (German-Austrian-Swiss Orthopaedic Traumatology Sports Medicine Association)
  • 1996: Appointed as University Professor of Accident Surgery
  • Team Physician of the Austrian Tennis Association
  • Supervising Physician of the Davis Cup Team


The Vienna Private Hospital provides superior medical quality and expertise in the stylish ambience of a luxury hotel:

  • 4 operating theatres with the most up to date specialist equipment
  • Post-surgical monitoring ward
  • Comfortably furnished single and 2-bed rooms with air conditioning, minibar, radio and TV, as well as Internet and fax connection
  • A companion can also be accommodated
  • First class cuisine, award-winning cuisine on request, in collaboration with award-winning Austrian chefs
  • Patient restaurant
  • Dietary counselling
  • Stylish cafeteria with shop
  • Messenger service
  • Manicured terrace with garden and parklands
  • On-site underground parking


Vienna West Railway Station 3 km
Vienna Main Railway Station 7 km
Vienna airport 23 km

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Prof Dr Rudolf Schabus
Head of Practice

Vienna Private Hospital
Prof. Schabus Surgery
Pelikangasse 15A, A-1090 Vienna

T: +43 1 35 871 40
F: +43 1 40 180 5221
E: schabus@primomedico.com


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