Thoracic Surgery Neuss (NRW): Dr Jan Martin Beron

Dr Jan Martin Beron
Head Physician
Specialist in Thoracic Surgery
Neuss, Germany

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Treatment Focus

The therapeutic focus is on treating tumors of the lung (lung cancer, lung metastases). Over 80 percent of lung cancer surgeries are carried out using minimally invasive thoracoscopic (uni-portal or bi-portal) or robot-assisted (DaVinci system) techniques.

Further treatment focuses:

  • Bronchoplasty and angioplasty surgeries
  • Tumors of the mediastinal cavity (thymoma, nerve tumors, cysts)
  • Pulmonary emphysema
  • Diseases of the trachea
  • Inflammatory lung diseases
  • Diseases of the pleura
  • Tumors, malformations, and injuries of the chest wall
  • Diseases of the diaphragm

About Dr Jan Martin Beron

Dr Jan Martin Beron is a specialist in thoracic surgery and head physician at the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery at the Lukas Hospital of the Rheinland Klinikum Neuss.

The clinic offers all surgical treatments on the lungs, pleura, trachea, chest wall, mediastinal cavity, and diaphragm (except for transplants) under the direction of Dr Beron. Each patient's treatment plan is prepared according to the latest knowledge. Wherever possible, necessary surgeries are carried out using minimally invasive techniques that are gentle on the tissue.

Specialist for Benign and Malignant Lung Diseases: Modern Clinic for Thoracic Surgery in NRW

Pathologies of the lungs and chest are treated at the thoracic surgery department at the Rheinland Klinikum in Neuss. These include benign and malignant diseases, such as lung cancer.

The clinic attaches great importance to comprehensive diagnostics and professional and precise treatment. Various imaging procedures, bronchoscopy, and functional analyses of the lungs, such as pulmonary function diagnostics and ergo spirometry, are part of the department's broad spectrum.

The subsequent surgical treatment methods are carried out in Neuss according to the latest medical findings. The therapy is implemented in line with guidelines and optimally adapted to the patient's individual needs. Careful examination of the indication is ensured all the time.

Dr Beron, a specialist in thoracic surgery, works minimally invasive and tissue-sparingly using the finest intraoperative instruments. This enables improved healing with faster mobilization of the patient and a generally lower pain profile. The latest minimally invasive keyhole technology is also frequently used for major procedures such as tumor surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries for Lung Cancer and Bronchial Carcinoma

The diagnosis of lung cancer is based on extensive examinations, and special consultation hours offer patients plenty of time and space to talk about their questions and concerns in this challenging situation.

An interdisciplinary treatment concept is determined. The therapy depends on the patient's general condition and the progress of the disease. Surgical treatment can usually be considered, especially in the earlier stages. To this end, it is first carefully examined whether the lung areas remaining after the surgery can sufficiently fulfill the lung function.

If possible, the tumor should be entirely removed during the procedure, and various techniques can be considered. The most common method is the removal of one lung lobe, known as a lobectomy. This usually minimally invasive procedure is called VATS lobectomy, i.e., video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy. Dr Beron at the Rheinland Klinikum has many years of experience and expertise.

In rare cases, the entire lung must be removed in the case of large tumors. However, this method is rarely used thanks to the latest minimally invasive and precise procedures. Wedge removal or the removal of a segment is also possible. In addition, affected lymph nodes are detected and removed.

Further therapeutic pillars, such as radiation and chemotherapy, are then applied in collaboration with disciplines such as radiation medicine. Preoperative chemotherapy can also be helpful in some cases to reduce the tumor mass and make surgery possible in the first place.

Highest Level of Expertise in Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis

The thymus gland is located under the breastbone and is part of the immune system. Misdirected antibodies can trigger the autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis, which is associated with muscle weakness and fatigue and is linked to the thymus.

It has been shown that removal of the gland can alleviate the disease in many cases. The exact cause mechanism has not yet been fully clarified. The surgical team at the Rheinland Klinikum in Neuss carries out thymus removals for myasthenia gravis and benign tumors of the gland with great skill and experience.

The minimally invasive removal is carried out through tiny incisions and with the help of a small camera. This results in significantly less post-operative discomfort and a faster recovery process for the patient.

Specialist in Hyperhidrosis: Surgery for Excessive Sweating

Intense embarrassment can accompany excessive sweating and be a daily burden for sufferers. After conservative treatment methods such as medication have been exhausted, only surgery can provide relief in severe cases.

Dr Beron in Neuss has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis as part of a thoracic sympathectomy. Sweat production is regulated by the autonomic nervous system and is stimulated when the sympathetic nervous system is activated.

By separating or sclerosing the sympathetic nerve fibers, sweat production can be interrupted locally. The minimally invasive procedure is carried out via a small access on the thorax, through which the nerve structures can be reached using a small camera.

Before the surgery, the indication is carefully reviewed by the specialist, as it is impossible to restore separated nerves afterward. For this reason, the decision to undergo surgery should be well thought out, and patients should be informed in detail about possible risks and side effects. Many patients report a significantly improved quality of life after the surgery.

Please visit the website of the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery at the Lukas Hospital in Neuss for further information.


Curriculum Vitae

April 2022 Head Physician of the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, Rheinland Klinikum Neuss
2018 - 2022 Head of Thoracic Surgery at the Clinic for General, Visceral, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery at Rheinland Klinikum Neuss, Head Physician Prof Dr A. Ulrich, MBA
2019 - 2022 Representative Clinic Director of the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, Florence Nightingale Krankenhaus, Lung Cancer Center Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Head Physician Prof Dr C. Ludwig
2018 - 2019 Senior Physician at the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, Florence Nightingale Hospital, Lung Cancer Center, Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Chief Physician Prof Dr C. Ludwig
2017 - 2018 Senior Physician and Head of the Thoracic Surgery Section of the Clinic for General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery, Innklinikum, Head Physician Prof Dr C. Jurowich, MBA
April 2017 Specialist in Thoracic Surgery
2013 - 2017 Specialist at the Clinic for General, Visceral, and Thoracic Surgery, University Hospital of the Paracelsus Medical University of Nuremberg, Klinikum Nürnberg Nord Head Physician Prof Dr H. J. Stein
November 2013 Additional Title "Special Visceral Surgery"
November 2013  Specialist in Visceral Surgery
2007 - 2013  Assistant Physician at the Clinic for General, Visceral, and Thoracic Surgery, University Hospital of Paracelsus Medical University Nuremberg, Klinikum Nürnberg Nord 2007 - 2008 Head Physician Prof Dr C.-T. Germer 2008 - 2013 Head Physician Prof Dr H. J. Stein

Selected Additional Qualifications

2023 Certified Console Surgeon - DaVinci X
2020 - 2022 Establishment and Certification of the DGT Competence Center in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth
2019 - 2022 Certification and Coordination of the Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth Lung Cancer Center
2016 Certified Console Surgeon - DaVinci Xi
2014 Specialist Knowledge "Lasers in Medicine"

Medical Team

  • Dr Klaus-Marius Bastian
    Senior Consultant
  • Mohammad Mahfouz
    Senior Physician


Neuss Main Station 2.1 km
Düsseldorf Airport 25 km
Köln/Bonn Airport 56 km

Information About Neuss

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Neuss is a major city in North Rhine-Westphalia and one of Germany's oldest cities. The city on the Rhine is known for its Roman past, the Rhine harbor, and the Neuss citizen fair featuring shooting matches. Visitors can stroll through the picturesque streets of Neuss' shopping districts and indulge in the wide range of gastronomy.


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Dr Jan Martin Beron
Head Physician

Rhineland Clinic in Neuss
Clinic for Thoracic Surgery
Preußenstraße 84, D-41464 Neuss

T: +49 2131 537 9044
F: +49 2131 888 5599


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