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Can Beard Hair Be Transplanted?

Beard hair can be transplanted just like other body hair in the course of autologous hair transplantation. This cosmetic procedure is suitable for men who want a thicker and stronger beard. There are many causes for a thin or uneven beard, such as genetic predisposition, scarring, and hair loss. In principle, every patient is suitable for beard transplantation, but it must always be clarified in advance with the treating doctor. Diseases that forwards hair loss must be treated before the procedure, and young patients often have to be patient until the beard growth has wholly developed.

What is Beard Transplantation, and How Is it Carried Out?

The surgical procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, which means that the patient is fully conscious without feeling pain. The area where the transplant is taken (such as the back of the head or chest) and the areas of the beard filled in are anesthetized. First, the surgeon carefully removes single so-called follicular units, from which up to three hairs will grow later. These are initially thoroughly checked to see whether they are suitable for transplantation and then stored in a nutrient-rich fluid before transplanted. The hair roots are transplanted individually into the respective beard regions. The surgeon pays close attention, even distribution, and growth direction to achieve the most natural optical result.

How Much Does a Beard Hair Implantation Cost?

The cost of the procedure depends on the extent of the desired beard transplantation. In some patients, fewer follicular units are sufficient to fill up the beard merely. For this patient group, the costs are around 1000 - 2000 euros. Other patients require significantly more follicular units to enlarge large areas of the beard, which can cost up to 5000 euros.

What Should Be Paid Attention to After Beard Transplantation?

Patients should take it easy for a few days after the beard transplantation surgery and avoid sports activities. The goal is to keep the transplantation area free of dirt such as sweat to keep the risk of infection low and optimize success chances.

Patients should consider that the beard hairs initially fall out a few weeks after the surgery, which is an entirely normal reaction and can be observed in all patients. Afterward, the final growth begins, but it usually takes up to 3 months until the final result is achieved.

How Long-Lasting Is the Result?

Transplanted beard hair belongs to the body just like the natural one, which renews in the long term by falling out and growing like normal hair. Therefore, the transplanted beard remains for life.


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