Spine Surgery Bad Wildungen (Hesse): Dr Ferraris

Dr Luis Ferraris
Head Physician
Specialist in Spinal surgery
Bad Wildungen, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Scoliosis treatment (Idiopathic scoliosis, Congenital scoliosis, Neuromuscular scoliosis)
  • Cervical disc surgery, disc prostheses
  • Neck revision surgery (anterior and posterior)
  • Intervertebral disc surgery and spinal canal dilatation of the lumbar spine
  • Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty
  • Pain therapy

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • CT
  • Bone densitometry
  • Neurology, including electroneurophysiology
  • Infiltrations/level diagnosis


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Deformities of the spine (scoliosis/kyphosis)
  • Instabilities
  • Spinal canal stenosis (narrowing)
  • Revision surgery and deformities of the cervical spine
  • Stabilizations and corrections without fusion
  • Spinal navigation
  • Minimally invasive surgery

About Dr Luis Ferraris

Dr Luis Ferraris is a specialist in spine surgery and head physician of the Spine Center and the German Scoliosis Center at the Werner Wicker Klinik in Bad Wildungen.

The center, under Dr Ferraris's direction, also enjoys an excellent international reputation with the highest level of performance in Germany. It offers the entire spectrum of modern spinal surgery and provides professional care to complement the medical expertise of the treatment team.

Scoliosis Specialist in Hesse: Individual therapy at the German Scoliosis Center in Bad Wildungen

About three to five percent of the German population suffers from a spinal curvature, and the disease is associated with varying degrees of severity. Scoliosis can be congenital or acquired.

For more than forty years, the Scoliosis Center in Bad Wildungen team has proven excellent expertise in treating patients with this condition. An extensive initial diagnosis is made, and those affected and their relatives find the space to ask questions and talk about concerns at any time. All therapy options are examined, and a treatment concept is created that is individually targeted to the patient. The doctors around Dr Luis Ferraris also take care of the important aftercare. New treatment steps are carefully examined and implemented.

The scoliosis consultation, specially designed for the condition, is used to plan the procedure and provides sufficient time for questions and requests from the patients affected. In the case of very significant scoliosis, corrective surgery may be considered, which is implemented by the team at the Scoliosis Center in Bad Wildungen using state-of-the-art procedures.

The so-called Growing Rod Systems can be used for children and adolescents, which grows with the young patients. In 2011, the center in Bad Wildungen was the first hospital to use this modern surgical procedure in Germany. If the decision is made to use conservative therapy with a brace, there is an orthopedic workshop within the clinic for customized fitting.

Most Extraordinary Expertise in Carrying Out Microsurgical Intervertebral Disk Surgeries

A herniated disk in the spine can significantly reduce the quality of life of the affected patients; numbness and paralysis may occur. Surgery may become necessary in the case of very pronounced herniated disks.

In Bad Wildungen, this is made possible by a minimally invasive procedure; this microsurgical surgical technique serves a gentler approach. The small surgical area on the spine can be enlarged with the help of a microscope and then treated with tiny instruments. This reduces soft tissue damage and possible complications.

State-of-the-Art Disk Prostheses: Natural Mobility and Pain Relief

A disk prosthesis can relieve pronounced pain caused by degenerative processes of the spine. The advanced procedure is used after other therapeutic options have been exhausted if a stiffening of the spine in the corresponding section is to be avoided. Stiffening would restrict flexibility, while the prosthesis improves the mobility of the spine. It serves as a shock absorber and, in most cases, relieves the previously existing pain.

Modern disk prostheses offer high elasticity with a permanently stable core. In this way, chronic pain can be relieved, and, under certain circumstances, neurological consequential damage can be prevented.

Specialist for Spinal Stenosis: Freedom from Pain for Your Back

Due to aging processes and degeneration of the vertebral bodies, the spinal canal can narrow. Bone proliferation may occur, robbing the spinal canal of space. Pressure and entrapment of nerves can occur, resulting in pain, numbness, and tingling sensations. An MRI scan can provide a visual image of this process.

Initially, a conservative treatment approach is usually attempted. These include physical therapy and pain medication. If the sufferer complains of very pronounced pain, limitation of daily life, or nerve loss symptoms, surgery to widen the spinal canal should be considered. In any case, permanent nerve damage should be avoided in time.

Dr Ferraris' team frequently and professionally carries out spinal canal widening. The excess bone that protrudes into the spinal canal and causes the problem is removed. Surrounding structures are thinned, if possible. Overall, decompression of the constricted structures occurs in this way.

Stable Vertebral Bodies through Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty

Osteoporosis or tumors can cause fractures and damage within the vertebral bodies. This leads to instability and pain and can cause discomfort. The weakened bone substance due to osteoporosis can fracture even with slight vibrations.

Vertebroplasty is used to stabilize these weakened vertebral bodies using bone cement. During this minimally invasive procedure, cement is placed in the cavities of the vertebral body, stability is restored, and significant pain relief can be achieved.

If the weakness of the bone substance causes the vertebral body to depress, it can be realigned using a balloon during a kyphoplasty. The resulting cavity is then also filled with bone cement to stabilize it.

Multimodal Pain Therapy: Individualized Treatment for Lasting Pain Relief

Pronounced and long-lasting pain requires more intensive treatment. The Wicker Klinik in Bad Wildungen offers a particularly effective form of pain therapy for treating chronic pain. The goal of treatment is to break the pain cycle and, in the best case, to relieve the pain. Pain treatment in Bad Wildungen combines various treatment approaches, such as drug therapy and physical and psychological approaches.

The top priorities are the close care and counseling of the affected patients and the achievement of an improved quality of life.

Please visit the website of the Werner Wicker Klinik Bad Wildungen for more information.


Curriculum Vitae

Since May 2020 Head Physician at the German Scoliosis Center, Werner Wicker Klinik, Bad Wildungen
February 2015 – April 2020 Head Physician of the Department of Spine Surgery Atos Orthopädische Klinik, Braunfels
May 2005 – January 2015 Senior Physician at the German Scoliosis Center, Werner Wicker Klinik, Bad Wildungen, as of October 2007 Senior Physician in Charge
June 2006 Obtaining the German Medical License by the Hessian State Examination Office
November 2001 – April 2005 Assistant Physician in the Spine Surgery Department of the Werner Wicker Klinik, German Scoliosis Center, Bad Wildungen
November 2003 Recognition as a Medical Specialist for Orthopedics by the Medical Association of Hesse
January 1999 – September 2001 Senior Physician at the Naval University Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 1998 Examination as a Medical Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 1997 – December 1998 Ward Physician in General Surgery, Orthopedics, and Traumatology at the Naval University Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 1995 – April 1997 Assistant Physician at the Orthopedic Department of the Heidelberg University Hospital
June 1992 –
June 1995
Assistant Physician at the Naval University Hospital Buenos Aires, Argentina

Medical Team

  • Jamil Makki
    Head Physician Neurosurgery
  • Aiman Tateen
    Senior Physician in Charge
  • Lyudmil Blagoev
    Senior Physician
  • Dr Marcus Mahmoudi
    Senior Physician
  • Genadi Siegle
    Senior Physician
  • Dr Ahmed Khalifa
    Senior Physician


Bad Wildungen Train Station 6 km
Kassel Airport 62 km
Frankfurt/Main Airport 151 km

Information About Bad Wildungen

specialized physicians and medical centers in Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen is a small German town in northern Hesse known as a spa center and health resort. Surrounded by lots of forest and nature, the "feel-good town" offers its guests many opportunities for recreation and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. The Edersee, with its impressive water dam, is nearby.


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Dr Luis Ferraris
Head Physician

Werner Wicker Klinik
Spine Center & German Scoliosis Center
Im Kreuzfeld 4, D-34537 Bad Wildungen

T: +49 5621 902 3004


By appointment

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