Information About Dr Clemens Boehle

Dr Clemens Boehle
Medical Director and Chief Physician
Specialist in Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy
Bonn, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Depression, burnout, stress sequelae
  • Anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias
  • Traumatic diseases, post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Psychosomatic and somatoform disorders, chronic pain
  • Eating disorders, obesity
  • Couples therapy and family constellations

Medical Range

Range of Therapeutic services

  • Psychotherapy (depth psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, trauma therapy, hypnotherapy, systemic therapy, system positioning, paired therapy, body psychotherapy)
  • Trauma therapy/EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing)
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM, therapeutic Qigong, Tuina massage, acupuncture, nutritional teachings, Chinese medicine therapy)
  • Body therapy (therapeutic Qigong, mindfulness-based body therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, mindfulness meditation, Taiji Bailong ball)

About Dr Clemens Boehle

Dr Clemens Boehle MD is the medical director of the Gezeiten Haus clinics as well as the chief physician of the Gezeiten Haus Clinic in Bonn and the day clinic/outpatient clinic in Schloss Eichholz near Cologne.

The Gezeiten Haus clinics specialise in the holistic acute treatment of psychological and psychosomatic disorders. Here, people are professionally cared for in a familiar atmosphere. These are places where holistic treatment is offered in a warm-hearted and carefully coordinated manner. In all Gezeiten Haus clinics, Western psychosomatics and psychotherapy are successfully combined with the psychosomatically active elements of traditional Chinese medicine (especially Qigong and Tuina massage) to ensure the sustainable recovery of our patients. Treatment in the Gezeiten Haus offers the space and time to become familiar with new strategies for handling changes in today's fast-paced western world with energy and joy.

The focus of treatment at the Gezeiten Haus Clinic in Bonn is on stress-related diseases, burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, chronic pain syndromes, hearing disorders with psychological factors (tinnitus), and eating disorders (obesity).

The Gezeiten Haus in Schloss Eichholz – Clinic for Psychotraumatology and EMDR offers highly specialised treatment for traumatological diseases (including post-traumatic stress disorder).

The day clinic at Schloss Eichholz near Cologne combines the fields of treatment of both hospitals and integrates a familiar environment.

Dr Boehle – versatile psychotherapist

Dr Clemens Boehle MD is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as a systemic couple’s therapist. His speciality is the holistic treatment of stress disorders and depression as well as EMDR and hypnotherapy.

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing. This treatment method is mainly used after traumatic events causing illness. In the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), EMDR is currently considered to be the most effective treatment method.

Holistic treatment in the Gezeiten Haus

The Gezeiten Haus Bonn is a private specialist hospital for psychosomatic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The specialist clinic is mainly specialised in the holistic treatment of mental and psychosomatic disorders, especially stress-related diseases.

Through its holistic approach to therapy, the Gezeiten Haus focuses on the patient as a human being.

Patients develop an individual treatment plan together with therapists and doctors. Dr Clemens Boehle treats his patients using aspects of both Western (classical) and Eastern (traditional Chinese Medicine) medicine. Individual, multi-modal treatment concepts are always developed on the latest scientific level.

Mental health problems are no longer a taboo subject. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Dr Boehle.

The website of Dr Boehle can be found here.

Medical Team

  • Dr Manfred Nelting MD
    Founder of the Gezeiten Haus
  • Dr André Kümmel MD
    Chief Consultant
  • Ulf Krause
    Chief Consultant


  • Additional locations of the Gezeiten Haus are located in Wesseling/Schloss Eichholz, Oberhausen, Cologne, and Frankfurt am Main
  • Capacities:
    Gezeiten Haus Bonn - 50 inpatient treatment rooms
    Gezeiten Haus Schloss Eichholz - 50 inpatient treatment rooms, 20 day clinic rooms
    Gezeiten Haus Oberhausen - 20 day clinic rooms
  • The waiting period is an average of one week. Acute admissions are possible at any time!


Bonn central station 10 km
Cologne/Bonn Airport 31 km

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Dr Clemens Boehle
Medical Director and Chief Physician

Gezeiten Haus Bonn
Private speciality hospital for psychosomatic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine
Venner Straße 55, D-53177 Bonn

T: +49 228 974 595 80
F: +49 228 7488 109


By appointment

Gezeiten Haus Schloss Eichholz
Private speciality hospital for psychosomatic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine
Urfelder Str. 221, D-50389 Wesseling bei Köln


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