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Information About the Field of Polyneuropathy

Polyneuropathy is a condition in which multiple peripheral nerve fibers of the have been damaged and consequently lead to sensory disturbances, muscle weakness or pain. This most often occurs in the setting of another systemic disease. Treatment has the potential to be very complex, as it requires the underlying condition to be identified and treated first.

What are the causes of polyneuropathy?

There are many potential causes of polyneuropathy, however it is most often brought on by diabetes mellitus and drinking too much alcohol. Also during pregnancy or as a result of congenital conditions, polyneuropathy can develop. Several toxins including heavy metals or solvents may also chronically damage the nerves and lead to polyneuropathy.

How is a polyneuropathy diagnosed?

Once a patient is suspected of suffering from a polyneuropathy, there are a series of tests that are performed to confirm or rule out the suspicion. To begin with, a comprehensive physical examination is performed, with particular focus on the sensitivity and functionality of the peripheral nerves. Furthermore, data related to the patient are collected in order to uncover possible causes of the polyneuropathy. Also the blood is tested for trigger factors, for example toxins or diabetes. Afterwards, the electrical conductivity of the nerves or muscles can be assessed by electroneurography or electromyography.

What is the course of a polyneuropathy?

Polyneuropathy typically starts with sensory abnormalities in the limbs. For instance, many patients describe tingling sensations in the soles of the feet, leg cramps and a disturbed perception of temperature in the feet or legs. Vertigo and significant changes in blood pressure may also present in more advanced polyneuropathies. Depending on the degree of damage to the nerves, pain or numbness of the affected region may also be experienced.

How can polyneuropathy be treated?

First of all, in order to treat polyneuropathy the underlying disease must be diagnosed. If diabetes mellitus is the main issue, then correction and stabilization of blood glucose levels have priority and in case of excessive alcohol intake, abstinence from alcohol is pursued. Minor types of polyneuropathy tend to improve spontaneously after treatment of the underlying disease. To relieve symptoms, various medications are available, which are tailored to the individual patient. In severe courses, a long-term drug therapy may be required even after management of the underlying disease.

Which doctors, clinics and rehabilitation centers should be contacted in case of polyneuropathy?

Family doctors usually establish the presumptive diagnosis of polyneuropathy. It is their office where the initial consultation and usually a first physical examination take place. The definitive diagnosis is generally made by a neurologist.

Such a specialist will then arrange for the treatment to be started. In addition to treating the underlying disease, many rehabilitation clinics also provide physiotherapy or sports therapy to strengthen the muscles in the affected region of the body. Ergotherapy can be helpful in regaining bodily sensations as part of the care as well.

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