Information About Prof Dr Damien C. Weber

Prof Dr Damien C. Weber
Director and Chairman
Specialist in Radiation Therapy & Radiooncology
Villigen, Switzerland

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Treatment Focus

  • Tumours on the head (including brain and skull base), spinal column and pelvis: meningiomas (benign and malignant), craniopharyngiomas, pituitary tumours, low-grade gliomas (grade 1 and 2), chordoma, chondrosarcoma, sarcomas, and ENT tumours (nasal area, sinus, nasopharyngeal space, and salivary glands)
  • All tumours in infants, children, and adolescents, including craniospinal radiation and radiotherapy under anaesthesia
  • Ocular tumours: Uveal melanoma, haemangioma, and metastases in the eye as well as melanomas of the conjunctiva and the iris
  • Recurrent tumours of the aforementioned diagnosis groups

Medical Range

  • Consultations for proton therapy
  • Treatment planning including imaging (CT, MRI), treatment plans, and positioning of the patients
  • Logistics of patient stay (appointments, reimbursement of costs, accommodation, and transport)
  • Implementation of radiotherapy
  • Follow-up examinations including imaging (MRI)
  • Collaboration with referring physicians/clinics and other specialists in order to optimise treatment
  • Conduct of clinical studies

About Prof Dr Damien C. Weber

The treatment of cancer with protons - Proton therapy at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland

Video, Länge 6:56

A patient talks about the proton irradiation of her brain tumor at the Center for Proton Therapy (CPT).

Prof. Dr. Damien C. Weber is a specialist for radiation therapy and radio-oncology and heads the Centre for Proton Therapy (CPT) of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Villigen, Switzerland.

For decades, the CPT has been successfully treating cancer with protons, a special form of radiation therapy. Through the incorporation into the Paul Scherrer Institute, the largest research facility in Switzerland, the continual research and development of this radiation method guarantees patients treatment at the highest medical and technical level.

Most patients with ocular tumours have been successfully treated with protons. For the treatment of tumours located deep in the body (e.g. brain tumours), a particularly precise form of radiation was developed at the PSI: the spot scanning technique.

This procedure is well suited for tumours in the head, along the spinal column, and in the pelvic region. It is particularly gentle on patients. These areas are surrounded by important nerve and organ structures, which require maximum protection during radiation of the tumour.

The PSI also deals with many paediatric cases from all over Europe. At PSI, the treatment of childhood tumours is a priority because children are still growing and benefit greatly from the precise irradiation with protons. Through the close collaboration with the Children's Hospital of Zurich, even very small children, who cannot independently lie still for the duration of the irradiation, have been irradiated under anaesthesia since 2004. At the PSI, craniospinal axis irradiation of children is also possible using the spot scanning method.

The team of Prof. Weber consists of highly qualified radio-oncologists, medical physicists, medical-technical radiology assistants, and many other specialists, who care for patients and ensure the smooth operation of the highly-complex devices.

The PSI features a radiation unit (OPTIS 2) for treating eye tumours. At least two treatment devices are available for the irradiation of deep-seated tumors.

Prof. Weber is considered a specialist in the area of radiation therapy and radio-oncology, especially where proton therapy is concerned. Through his scientific activity and international commitment, he has been a key figure in the establishment and further development of proton therapy.

Additional information about the Centre for Proton Therapy can be found here.

Curriculum Vitae

1993–1996 Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Geneva Dr F. Waldvogel
1996–1997 Medical Oncology, University Hospital of Geneva Dr P. Alberto
1997–2000 Radiation Oncology, University Hospital of Geneva Dr. J.M. Kurtz
2000–2002 Northeast Proton Therapy Enter, Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts. General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, JS Loeffler MD
2003–2004 Senior Radiation Oncologist, Paul Scherrer Institute
2003–2007 Staff Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Oncology Department, Geneva University Hospital
2006 Private Docent, Faculty, UNIGE School of Medicine
2008–2013 Vice Chairman, Radiation Oncology Department, Geneva University Hospital
2010–2013 Chargé de Cours, UNIGE School of Medicine
2013 Head and Chairman, Centre for Proton Therapy, PSI

Medical Team

  • Dr. med. Marc Walser
    Senior Radiation Oncologist
  • PD Dr. med. Alessia Pica
    Senior Radiation Oncologist
  • PD Dr. med. Barbara Bachtiary, MSc
    Senior Radiation Oncologist


  • Good accessibility by public (plane, train, and bus) and private transport (plenty of parking)
  • Wi-Fi and public PC in the waiting area
  • Separate, child-friendly waiting from with plenty of toys
  • Accommodation in apartments in the surrounding areas (up 20 km in Germany in Switzerland)
  • Cafeteria


Döttingen Train Station 6 km
Brugg Train Station 10 km
Zurich Airport 39 km
Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport 69 km

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Prof Dr Damien C. Weber
Director and Chairman

Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)
Centre for Proton Therapy (CPT)
CH-5232 Villigen PSI

T: +41 56 511 37 32
F: +41 56 310 35 15


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