Our guidelines

In addition to a very good training and education, every PRIMO MEDICO member is characterised by numerous other criteria, which are decisive for inclusion in the network. The criteria are individually developed for each medical specialist field with the assistance of the medical advisory board. These include amongst others:

  • High surgery and treatment numbers
  • Latest surgical and treatment techniques
  • Cutting-edge technical equipment
  • Specialisation in one or more subject areas and / or within a medical specialty
  • Regular training that goes beyond the requirements of each respective specialist area
  • Membership in the leading associations
  • Acceptance by physicians and peers
  • Recommendations from chief physicians
  • Infrastructure for international patients

Note: the qualifications and skills of those physicians and hospitals who are not members of the PRIMO MEDICO network are not doubted in any way. For questions regarding our network, you may contact us at any time.

Help with Your Search

WE WILL DIRECT YOUR REQUEST TO THE APPROPRIATE SPECIALISTS We will direct your request to the appropriate specialists

We are happy to assist you in choosing a specialist for your needs. The service of PRIMO MEDICO is always free, confidential and discreet for patients.


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