Prof. h.c. Dr Evaldas Cesnulis

Specialist in Neurosurgery
Zurich, Switzerland

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Information about Prof. h.c. Dr Evaldas Cesnulis

Treatment focus

  • Aneurysms
  • Treatment of gliomas, neuromas and meningiomas
  • Treatment of hydrocephalus
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal surgery

Medical range

Range of diagnostic services

  • Surgical diagnosis of epilepsy lesions: introduction of electrodes into the brain via small incisions in the skull


Range of therapeutic services

  • Cerebral tumours including surgery to the base of the skull:
    gliomata, surgery to the pituitary gland, neurinoma, meningeoma
  • Cerebrovascular conditions and their sequelae (haemorrhage, stroke):
    treatment of narrowed blood vessels, intracranial haemorrhages, cavernomata, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), aneurysms
  • Paediatric neurosurgery:
    Treatment of childhood malformations such as Chiari malformation, craniosynostoses, meningocele, meningomyelocele
  • Spinal cord and spinal conditions:
    prolapsed discs, narrowing of the spinal canal, tumours of the spine and spinal cord, spinal trauma
  • Interventional pain therapy:
    treatment of facial spasms and trigeminal neuralgia, locomotor disorders, pain surgery
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Epilepsy surgery, amygdalo-hippocampectomy
  • Traumatic brain injury:
    treatment of acute haemorrhages, increases in intracranial pressure, bony defects


Prof. h.c. Dr Evaldas Cesnulis is a Specialist Consultant Neurosurgeon. In 2009, he founded the Neurochirurgie Zurich group practice, in which advanced medicine is practised by the specialist in microsurgical techniques in neurosurgery acknowledged across the world.

Here, professionalism, convenience and your safety have the highest priority for Prof. Cesnulis. His greatest concern is not only performing the surgically best treatment, but also establishing your confidence in your highly qualified practitioner by means of intense forethought, diagnosis and aftercare because your brain is the most valuable and most personal of your body's organs and requires protection and the most careful treatment.

In order to guarantee you the optimum treatment, Prof. Cesnulis maintains intensive interdisciplinary collaboration with leading specialists in the fields of orthopaedics, accident surgery, maxillofacial surgery, ENT, oncology and radio-oncology. So, you can feel well supported by a well-practised team, even in difficult multidisciplinary cases.

Prof. Cesnulis, who was a Consultant and head of the Neurotrauma Team at the Zurich University Hospital for many years, not only founded his own practice in 2009, but also helped to found the Swiss Neuro Institute. Together with his medical work, he is particularly devoted to scientific research and to training young doctors. Since 2007, he has not only taught at the University of Zurich but also gives lectures in 14 countries worldwide. Owing to his role in the introduction of microsurgery into neurosurgery, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in Russia in 2010. Since 2013, he has also occupied an external professorship in China.

Prof. Cesnulis’s practice provides the entire range of top-quality neurosurgery in a confident and well-qualified team with many years experience. Here, both acute traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus, cerebral and spinal cord tumours, cerebrovascular conditions and their sequelae, spinal cord conditions, as well as epilepsy patients, are treated at the highest standard.

At the same time, the procedures are performed in prestigious, state of the art equipped advanced medical hospitals. Prof. Cesnulis is affiliated with the following Swiss hospitals: Hospital in the Park, Hirslanden Hospital and Bethanien Private Hospital. This collaboration provides the opportunity for the most precise therapeutic planning and intensive diagnosis. In all procedures, you are cared for as well as physically possible. Your health and the success of the procedure are constantly monitored, even during the procedure, in particular, by means of intraoperative imaging and neuromonitoring.

One of the special fields of Prof. Cesnulis is the treatment of aneurysms. Here, the dangerous sack-shaped dilated blood vessel in the brain is treated using microsurgery techniques. With a steady hand, Prof. Cesnulis can neutralise the aneurysm under his surgical microscope using a vascular clip. In certain cases, the treatment is also performed by means of coagulation triggered by a thin wire (coiling), which seals the aneurysm and hence averts the risk of a cerebral haemorrhage.

A further special field is the treatment of tumours of the brain and spinal cord. These include, for example, gliomata, neurinomata and meningeomata. With the aid of his excellent minimally invasive microsurgery, Prof. Cesnulis can skilfully treat those of various age-groups affected. Here, the objective is to excise the tumour radically and to provide the healthy surrounding tissue with the maximum protection. At the same time, intraoperative neuromonitoring helps to protect the important cerebral areas and their functions by checking these directly, again and again, during the procedure.

The treatment of polytrauma patients is a particularly important focus for Prof. Cesnulis. After heading the interdisciplinary Neurotrauma Team, he now treats dangerous traumatic brain injuries, which require acute intensive medical monitoring, reliably and safely in the interdisciplinary team. Here, haemorrhages and increases in intracranial pressure, as well as bony defects at a later stage, can be treated surgically.

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Curriculum vitae

1996-1998 Assistant Physician in Neurosurgery and General Surgery, University Hospital, Vilnius, Lithuania
1999-2000 Assistant Physician, Neurosurgery Clinic, Cantonal Hospital, Aarau
2001 Assistant Physician, Department of Neurosurgery, Cantonal Hospital, Winterthur
2002-2004 Assistant Physician, Neurosurgery Clinic, University Hospital, Zurich
2005-2008 Senior Physician, Neurosurgery Clinic, University Hospital, Zurich
2007-2008 Director of the interdisciplinary Neurotrauma Team, Neurosurgery / Accident Surgery Department, University Hospital, Zurich
1999–2008 Senior Consultant and Deputy Clinical Director of the University Neurosurgery Hospital, Frankfurt am Main
2009 Establishment of private practice in Zurich
2009 Partner Neurosurgery Clinic Hirslanden in Zurich
2009 Co-founder of the Swiss Neuro Institute


Medical team

  • Mathias Fortunati

    Specialist Neurosurgeon, interventional pain surgery

  • Tim Killeen

    Neurosurgical Registrar


  • Bright, friendly rooms
  • Caring nursing staff
  • Highest-standard hotel
  • Prof. Cesnulis has fluent command of German, Lithuanian, English and Russian
Spezialist für Neurochirurgie Prof. h.c. Dr. med. Evaldas Cesnulis - Portrait Prof. h.c. Dr Evaldas Cesnulis

Witellikerstrasse 40, CH-8032 Zurich

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Zurich Main Railway Station 3 km
Zurich airport 14 km

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Prof. h.c. Dr Evaldas Cesnulis

Witellikerstrasse 40, CH-8032 Zurich

T: +41 44 387 28 45
F: +41 44 387 28 46


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