Orthopedic Surgeon Lower Saxony Germany

PD Dr med. Christian Liebau
Chief Physician
Specialist in Endoprosthetics and Joint Preservation Surgery
Bad Harzburg, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Endoprosthetic surgeries on large and small joints
  • Endoprosthesis replacement surgeries
  • Joint-preservation surgery, sports medicine, cartilage transplantation
  • Restoration of extremities
  • Foot surgery, hand surgery
  • Conservative stationary treatment for chronic pain patients in the area of the spine

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Diagnostic imaging: x-ray diagnostics, computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
  • Explorative arthroscopy (examination of joints)
  • Obtaining a second opinion


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Endoprostheses of large and small joints: e.g. total endoprosthesis (TEP) of the knee joint or hip joint, partial prostheses
  • Corrective endoprosthesis (endoprosthesis replacement surgeries)
  • Joint-preservation procedures: meniscus surgery, ligament or cartilage reconstruction, cartilage transplantation (cartilage-cell transplantation, bone-cartilage grafts), corrective osteotomy
  • Minimally-invasive, arthroscopic joint surgeries

About PD Dr med. Christian Liebau

Orthopedic surgeon PD Dr med. Christian Liebau is a specialist in endoprosthetics and joint preservation surgery as well as Chief Physician in orthopedics and joint preservation surgery at the adjacent endoprosthetics centre of the Asklepios Harzklinik in Bad Harzburg.

In addition to teamwork with a high degree of specialisation, innovative thought is very important to PD Dr Liebau and his colleagues. The aim is to implement innovative medicine as quickly as possible in everyday life in order to ensure the highest quality. At the same time, there is a continuous exchange in national expert circles (member of the Clinical Excellence Circle) and ongoing research projects are carried out in cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne, Department of Orthopaedics and Biomechanics.

Orthopedic Surgeon and Comprehensive Endoprosthetic Centre

As a centre for endoprosthetics, the clinic under orthopedic surgeon PD Dr med. Christian Liebau carries out all endoprosthesis procedures on large and smaller joints (e.g. hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis, shoulder joint prosthesis, ankle joint prosthesis, thumb saddle joint prosthesis). In addition to the initial implantation of a prosthesis, endoprosthesis replacement surgeries and corrective osteotomies as well as restorative surgeries on limbs are also carried out at the Asklepios Clinic Bad Harzburg.

Orthopaedics also include joint preservation surgery, for example with the operation of meniscus, ligament and cartilage defects on the knee joint, with interventions in the rotator cuff of the shoulder or with corrective osteotomies to treat O or X-legs that change joint function (Genu varum or Genu valgum). A particular focus is the restoration of cartilage defects by means of chondrocyte cultivation or cartilage-bone transplantation.

Expert in Minimally-Invasive and Endoscopic Treatment Techniques

Interventions, especially on the shoulder joint, knee joint or ankle joint, are carried out if possible primarily arthroscopically and with minimally invasive procedures, i.e. by means of arthroscopy. In the process, the patients are operated on through small cuts in the skin, which allows them to recover faster, be fully functional more quickly, involves fewer complications and above all is less painful.

Extension of the prosthesis-free interval

Changes in the knee joint or the shoulder joint, in particular, can often be treated in the early stages of the disease so that the joint is preserved. Many surgeries in this respect are carried out endoscopically. A reconstruction technique PD Dr Liebau often uses with smaller cartilage damage areas in the knee joint or in the ankle joint is either cartilage cell transplantation or open cartilage-bone transplantation. For cartilage cell transplantation, the body's own cartilage cells are removed in arthroscopy and cultured on special nutrient media for 6-8 weeks. These artificially propagated cells are reimplanted in a second procedure.

With cartilage-bone transplantation, a cartilage-bone cylinder is taken from a less-stressed joint zone of the patient in an open surgery operation and implanted in damaged areas with increased stress.

Which procedure technique is possible for any given patient always depends on the localisation and size of the defect and is decided upon based on each patient.

In addition to the knee and hip joints, the shoulder joint is frequently affected by degenerative changes from injuries or improper stress. PD Dr Liebau carries out a number of endoscopic joint-regenerating procedures here in arthroscopy. In this way, ligament structures can be restructured or fixed or, for example, the subacromial space can be expanded, which can be severely irritated and damaged from the constriction of muscle tendons.

Very pronounced defective positions of the axes on legs, so-called O or X-legs (varus or valgus position), may lead to advanced joint changes. These joint changes are often the origin of increasing pain or forerunners of osteoarthritis beginning. Today there are well-established techniques to correct the leg axes in order to save or at least slow down the progression of disease, frequently in younger patients. The so-called corrective osteotomies help patients be able to stress their body's own joints properly again and move pain-free again for as long as possible. Corrective osteotomy usually makes it possible to significantly extend the prosthesis-free interval.

In addition, PD Dr Liebau's operational scope includes the treatment of sports injuries, foot surgery as well as conservative pain treatment for chronic pain in the spine and pelvis.

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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Career

1985 – 1986

Qualification: Skilled worker in nursing

1986 – 1992

Academic studies:  Human Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Magdeburg

10/1992 – 09/1993

Internship as Doctor in surgery in Magdeburg

10/1993 – 03/1994

Internship as Doctor at the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Magdeburg

04/1994 – 11/1997

Assistant Physician at the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Magdeburg

11/1997 – 04/1998

Specialist Physician and functional Senior Physician at the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Magdeburg

05/1998 – 09/2001

Senior Physician at the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Düsseldorf

10/2001 – 10/2003

Senior Physician at the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Greifswald

11/2003 – present

Chief Physician at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Bad Harzburg - Clinic for Endoprosthetics and Joint Preservation Surgery

Academic and scientific career




Licence to practice medicine


Official approval as a specialist doctor


Functional Senior Physician


Senior Physician


Acting 1st Senior Physician

1998 – 2006

Specialisation in the field of open and arthroscopic joint surgery; endoprosthetics
Clinical focus: cartilage transplantation, meniscus transplantation, modern endoprosthetics for hip, knee, shoulder and ankle joints

Postdoctoral lecture qualification work: Immunotherapy of osteosarcoma cells

09/2003 – 2006

Completion of the postdoctoral lecture qualification at the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Magdeburg

Scientific and clinical cooperation with the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Magdeburg

Teaching work at the University of Magdeburg


Specialist doctor in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Medical Team

  • Dr med. Horst Göhr
    Senior Physician, accident insurance consultant
  • Matthias Kohn
    Senior Physician
  • Dr med. Michael Hesse
    Senior Physician
  • Dr med. Markus Nehring
    Senior Physician
  • Dr med. Yury Piatrou
    Senior Physician
  • Dr med. Domenico Andreacchio
    Senior Physician
  • Mohammed Essam Gamal El-Din
    Senior Physician


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PD Dr med. Christian Liebau
Chief Physician

Asklepios Harzklinik Bad Harzburg
Orthopaedics and Joint Preservation Surgery
Ilsenburger Straße 95, D-38667 Bad Harzburg

T: +49 5322 9583 000
F: +49 5322 76 4504
E: liebau@primomedico.com


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