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The selection of the right clinic often determines the state of a patient’s health. This does not only apply to complex incisions and medically demanding treatments, but even presumed standard operations require a surgeon with great expertise and experience. Because even routine interventions demand the utmost alertness. How can a patient be exactly sure to receive the most optimal therapy from this doctor in that clinic? And according to what criteria can a patient search for the right medical center?

What Labels the Most Apt Hospital?

Practically speaking, it would actually be wrong to describe a certain hospital as the "perfect clinic". Because not every medical institution - no matter how renowned - is equally suitable for certain treatments or surgeries. The best clinic is always the one that promises an optimal therapy for the patient's disease. However, it is not only specialization and expertise for certain treatment methods that matter when selecting a particular hospital. A large number of other factors must also be taken into consideration which are of fundamental importance. One issue starts with the quality of the advice given. The professionality of the initial given recommendations provides information about the qualification of a hospital.

Qualified Consultation is the Basis of Every Therapy

A detailed consultation with the patient is an important part of a successful treatment, since this is where first steps are taken towards establishing a trusting relationship between doctor and patient in addition to consecutive medical care. An important prerequisite for a constructive consultation is open communication at an honest level which is based on mutual respect. After all, it is the patient's right to be taken seriously with his illness, questions and concerns.

Information on All Treatment Aspects

A comprehensive explanation about remedy procedures ought to take place during the medical session, if possible, in a language that the patient can understand and comprehend. Also, possible risks, consequences and likelihood of a patient’s successful healing process have to be explained in detail by the specialist. The better the patient is informed about the forthcoming treatment, the easier it is for him or her to apprehend and appreciate what is happening. His or her understanding has a decisive effect on sense of security as well as confidence in the surgeon or treating specialist. This is beneficial to both doctor and patient.

Advice Ahead of Hospital Release

Advice is needed not only before, but also after therapy or surgery. A good hospital does not leave the treated person to himself after finishing medical procedurs. For this reason, a detailed dismissal talk about further proceedings and conducts is required as an essential part of good patient care.

Experts in Needed Specialist Areas

The most important criterion in the selection of a medical facility is undoubtedly the presence of specialized doctors and professors in the needed medical field. The nicest institution placed in the ultimate beautiful location is second-rate if the desired specialist areas are not optimally staffed with suitable professionals. Especially with complicated, rather rare and costly interventions, the attending physician’s competence should be the most important selection criteria. However, the specialization of a physician alone does not necessarily represent his level of experience. And the quality of a healing process increases or decreases according to the doctor’s expertise in particular treatment methods.

Surgical Procedures and Treatment Methods

There are several surgical techniques for each procedure and different conducts for each therapy. Medical services may vary from clinic to clinic. Even specialized medical centers do not necessarily offer the full range of treatment options and surgical procedures in the specified specialist areas. Sometimes, certain surgeries are performed according to classical surgical standards only, although a minimally invasive operation would be possible as well. Here, it is extremely important to clarify in advance whether the medical services offered offer optimal conditions for a successful therapy.

State-of-the-Art Technical Equipment

Not every hospital has the same technical capabilities regarding diagnostics and innovative computer-assisted surgical procedures available. Medical progress is advancing faster than ever and is constantly generating technical innovations which are associated with capital-intensive investments. Thus, it is not possible for each clinic to always be up to date. This aspect, too, can make a big difference for the patient, depending on the disease. This issue can save lives, whether regarding diagnostics or surgical procedures.

Care by Qualified Personnel

Another important concern when it comes to choosing the most suitable clinic is the level of competent care provided. Is there enough qualified staff available to provide the patient with optimal care? What time pressure have nurses, caregivers and doctors to deal with? These are issues directly related to patient safety. Lack of time for care, treatment or surgery can lead to errors, which directly endanger the patient’s health. Hygiene, which is extremely essential, can be neglected due to too closely timed work processes and time pressure. There are quality controls in hospitals dealing with patient safety. However, it is hardly possible for laypersons to reliably clarify these aspects in advance.

Occasionally, it can also be an issue for the patient to actually find a qualified therapeutic expert in the area of his disease, whether a dietician, physiotherapist or psychologist, for example. For certain illnesses, it is important to be able to access specialized nursing staff, whether regarding lymph drainage or pain management. Sometimes, it's just such extras that make a difference.

Personal Aspects

Other factors affecting a patient's specific wishes and needs can also contribute to successful treatment. For some people it is important to have a relative at their side even at night. In this case, it is necessary to select a clinic that offers the possibility of rooming-in.

Patients from abroad who only communicate in a foreign language need special attention, because they can easily be misunderstood. In this situation, only foreign language speaking staff and doctors can guarantee smooth care and thorough treatment.

Overview of the Most Important Issues:

  • Comprehensive advice on all treatment aspects
  • Experienced experts in the desired specialist areas
  • High number of treatment and surgery cases
  • State-of-the-art surgical techniques and treatment methods
  • Latest medical technology for diagnostics and treatment
  • Qualified specialist and nursing staff
  • High patient safety
  • Availability of individual services

What Medical Centers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria Have to Offer

Undoubtedly, health care in German-speaking countries is at a high quality level. Germany alone has a large number of hospitals with various specializations. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were almost 2,000 clinics with half a million beds for inpatient care in Germany in 2015. This includes university hospitals and specialist clinics as well as general or affiliated medical centers whether for statutorily or privately insured persons. Similar standards and quality demands connects Germany with its neighboring countries Austria and Switzerland when it comes to medical care. Switzerland and Austria, too, have numerous recommendable clinics available which possess an excellent international reputation and offer an appropriate infrastructure for patients from abroad.

It is definitely the case that there are quality differences in terms of specialization and experience of doctors and hospitals, whether in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. We at PRIMO MEDICO want to exclusively provide our patients with the most excellent medical center or physician for their individual health problem.

Step By Step to Choosing the Right Clinic

In Germany, every patient can freely choose which hospital he wants. This also applies to patients with public health insurance. Patients can be treated in any clinic that is under contract with the statutory health insurance agencies. The only exception is when it comes to an emergency. In this case, the rescue workers are instructed to go to the nearest hospital.

But how to find the best clinic for a planned or scheduled treatment or surgery? Often, patients or relatives are guided in their choice of medical center by personal criteria such as proximity to their place of residence. As we have discussed, however, the patient would actually be better advised to proceed according to objective criteria in order to find the most suitable clinic for his disease. Sometimes, the search becomes confusing for both patients and relatives. There are recommendations from referring doctors, health insurance companies, friends and relatives which are not always helpful and beneficial. Even though there is extensive research material available on the Internet, it is not easy for a layman to find out which medical facility is best for curing his disease.

Quickly Find the Best Possible Hospital with PRIMO MEDICO

PRIMO MEDICO makes it easy for you to find the center or specialist that promises the best possible medical care for you. We have an extensive network of experts at our disposal in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We want to ensure that all patients who contact us receive adequate optimal treatment. This is why PRIMO MEDICO applies the strictest admission criteria for doctors and clinics. Only physicians who are considered specialists in their field and who have a lot of experience become part of our network. For this reason, all establishments and medical practitioners recommended by us are personally checked for their qualification and eligibility.

PRIMO MEDICO supports you step by step with your choice of medical institution. On our website, you have different possibilities to find the most suitable clinic for you in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • You can specifically search for physicians and medical centers in German-speaking countries and contact them directly.
  • You can select your illness or desired therapy from the heading TREATMENTS. PRIMO MEDICO lists experienced experts and renowned centers specializing in respective fields.
  • You can search for particular specialist areas such as cardiology or orthopedics. In return, we name you experts and institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have accomplished recognition in these areas. Under this section you can also find comprehensive information on diseases and treatments within these special areas.
  • You may approach the facility search via desired locations. We will name centers and experts available in that region. In addition, we provide you with important information useful for your stay and transportation.
  • If you wish, we are happy to assist you in finding a suitable clinic – of course, free of charge. All we need is your personal data and information about your illness. You also have the option of uploading doctor's reports and diagnoses. Non-bindingly, PRIMO MEDICO then forwards these documents to a matching specialist. Certainly, we treat all your information strictly confidential.

When it comes to finding the best medical institution, PRIMO MEDICO provides you with fast and uncomplicated assistance. Our high quality standards ensure that you always receive the best possible medical care from recognized specialists. As a user of PRIMO MEDICO’s services you also benefit from the advantages of our premium partners whether it concerns discounts on flights and hotels or other special values.

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